ASHISH CHAUDHARY | Associate Vice President November 10, 2015, Ashish was a client of Amar

We would like to thank Amar, Sri and their team for helping us narrow down and secure our home. The incredible speed and ease with which we were taken through the process is nothing short of amazing.

Amar gave us complete guidance of the current housing market situation, the things to check for and the areas and homes we should plan to target. This was an important step in our goal of becoming a home-owner. He also set us up with the right people for financing and other logistics that was extremely helpful.

In a nutshell, it was a one-stop solution for us! Amar and Sri were very patient in detailing the pros and cons of the shortlisted houses to us, while giving us the right inputs on what to watch out for. Amar, as you have said, you always strive for a partnership and client for life—you have one with us. In you and Sri we know we have great advisors and trusted friends.