ASHEESH ASTHANA | Senior Product Manager November 4, 2015, Asheesh was a client of Amar

We were a “first-home-buyers”– not very aware of the “good value” home areas.
Home Search : Your approach was very meticulous and time efficient. You first wanted to know our choices. This was done by showing few “different” configurations one evening ( 5 different houses). This was the first very important steps to align what we wanted and what to expect within our budgets.

I was really impressed by the fact that it was not just a discussion on a phone – but actually visiting house much before the scheduled OpenHouse. Your experience about what to look in a house was also very critical – tells us how passionate you are about homes, well you understand this industry and your keen eye on details.

Within a week we liked a place and called you – from that point on-wards you were on the top of it. You has your own ways to do an independent evaluation of the home that we like.

Putting an offer : This is one area where no one can beat you – you are the best, leaving no stone un-turned. All throughout the process we got a feeling that “You are our man”. You very diligent, calculative and realistic about how to go about making an offer that would secure us the deal. Always kept us informed. Most importantly, as a first time buyers, we were very anxious – but all this time you were very confident that we will get it –You had created a complete offer.

Winning the offer: It was unbelievable to us that we won the offer. You were always confident that we will make it as we had a very nice complete offer. We were able to get the offer, despite the fact there where many better offers.. Facts speak for themselves, if we look at the amount we put in the offer and the Appraiser’s report – we have just paid One Dollar extra.

Closing the offer: Amar, you are not yet another agent – You are a leader of a fantastic Team. Your execution is flawless. You can move things fast, you can make things happen. We were on the edge , but you were the soothing figure – always confident that we will meet all the terms and conditions of the offer. Your Loan Officers, your insurance agents, your back office people – all were phenomenal. They have worked long late hour on weekday and weekdays – that tells how much dedicated this team is to work for their customers. Hats Off to this team –an example I would love to quote at my work place.

Final Move : The final move has been smooth as ever. We got access to the home 24 hours in advance. This was very helpful in our move. You are always accessible if we need any help.

Overall, I would call Amar and his team – Great understanding of the real estate market and industry. Very Intelligent Sale pitch – the seller cannot deny his offer. Awesome execution – a very professional & hardworking team.