Arun Kumar Umayi Kalyanaramudu | Apple Maps Triage and Tools Engineer February 25, 2019, Arun Kumar was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri have been thoroughly professional in guiding us through the home buying experience. May it be the idea of writing a letter to the seller (which I learnt later proved to be one of the unique points of our offer), or guiding me in what a good offer price would be, or suggesting a lender who would adhere to the 21 day closing contract.

Amar was instrumental in orchestrating the entire Escrow, loan and closing process with stringent timelines. He referred me to lender for the loan and they were able to beat interest rates offered by other lenders. Amar put in a lot of effort during the offer negotiation phase. His negotiation skills came to the forefront when he prevented the seller from going into the phase of presenting counter offers. His reviews on yelp and LinkedIn tell you the truth about him and how he goes about getting what his clients need. Amar has always been reachable and promptly responds to all phone calls and emails. This built a great amount of confidence in us that we are in good hands during the home buying experience.

We are a family of four and this is our first home buying experience. It certainly relieved us that Amar and Sri are working for us and we can go about our daily routing without losing sanity thinking about the home buying process. His proactive point of execution and status update emails meant we need not spend time calling someone to know in what stage of the process we are in. Sri has, from the beginning, been giving us honest updates about the house, locality and surroundings of the house. She has always been approachable and been more than a friend in letting us know the process updates and also appraising us about the next steps that would come. Both of them have gone out of their way to recommend us ways and means to improve the home in a cost-effective way.

This relationship with Amar and Sri will definitely continue for our future home buying process and I would recommend Amar to anyone who talks to me about a Realtor®.