Aravind Ramakrishnan | Powertrain Business Development Manager August 11, 2020, Aravind was a client of Amar

My wife and I had the pleasure of being introduced to Amar in Feb 2020 by an acquaintance of ours who had previously worked with him. Even before the first discussion, we got a really good feeling regarding his expertise by glancing at the numerous glowing recommendations on LinkedIn. During our first meeting, Amar took the time to patiently explain the home buying process and the current housing market situation. The key process steps and responsible stakeholders were defined early on!

As first time home buyers with a young infant, this was invaluable for us and helped us save valuable time. Then we were put in touch with Sri Amar, who has a wealth of information regarding locality and background information. While we had to put a brief pause in our house search due to COVID-19, Amar and Sri were super understanding and emphasized that safety was first. They helped us to focus on the right area, which met most of our criteria.

As we restarted the process in June, they were responsive and provided a lot of guidance. We did many drive-around (due to Covid-19). Sri Amar provided almost instant feedback on the choices homes we were interested in. She guided us in aspects that we did not even think about – like avoiding busy areas because we had a young one!

The offer process itself was a unique experience. We were able to get a private viewing of our future house 10 hours before offers were due! With a lot of timely discussions with Amar and Sri, we were able to pull all of the info needed to get a good offer in!

The fact that our offer was accepted when there were better/cash offers on the table is a testament to Amar’s negotiation skills (total of 13 offers). He fought for us so passionately when even we had given up hope, exhibiting his professionalism at the highest level. Even Amar remarked that this was one of his toughest negotiations in recent times, and he came out on top! (It was a Relocation transaction and very challenging in many ways).

When we saw the email at around midnight congratulating us on our offer being accepted, we could hardly believe it! Our future home awaited us, where we would see our son grow up! If all of this was not enough, Amar’s most reliable trick was saved for last. His amazing network of crucial people for the closing process is mind-boggling! He was able to introduce us to the right Mortgage Agent, Insurance Agent, etc.

Amar personally oversaw the process and ensured all of the points of contact reacted accordingly so that we could close on time! He and his team also ensured that we were kept in the loop for all decisions, really ensuring that we worked together. Even after closing, he continued to support us with key contacts for the locksmith, utility changeover, security, etc.

In the end, it worked out for us that we were able to work with Amar! I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking to buy (or sell), as they get the job done! We will certainly be returning to Amar for our future need.