Amit Joshi | Engineer & Entrepreneur February 22, 2015, Amit was Amar’s client

Amar came highly recommended and played a pivotal part in getting us our very first home in the highly competitive Los Altos/Palo Alto/Menlo Park area. What’s unique about Amar is that he puts in so much effort, like he’d do for his own home!

Amar operates a bit differently – first you share requirements, then you do your own research and look at houses. For the ones you like, he does the same independently. After comparing notes if you decide to move forward then the real machinery kicks in.

In this competitive market a number of factors are at work rather than just a number in the offer letter. Amar works behind the scenes paying attention to every detail to figure out what’s important to the seller. Then he works with you, the sellers agent and mortgage brokers to put together an offer as a complete package. Often this package looks competitive with cash offers, guaranteeing peace of mind to seller, and this is the key difference.

Once your offer gets accepted (with Amar, there’s a good chance that it will happen sooner than later) then execution till the finish line is as smooth as it can be. I was dreading the closing process and the paperwork, however, it really turned out to be a breeze. In fact, we not only got a pretty decent interest rate we but also managed to get a discount that covered entire mortgage related closing costs and then some.

I would strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking for an edge in a competitive housing market.