Ajay Khandelwal | Manager, Discovery & Personalization Analytics June 23, 2014, Ajay was Amar’s client

From the day we chose Amar as our Realtor® it was smooth sailing. I have heard so many horror stories about home buying process, and was very concerned about it. The day we decided to choose Amar and started the journey, all those worries were alleviated.
We were a first time Homebuyer and were looking for a house in Fremont for some time and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well-documented offer that seller was not able to overlook. Our offer was selected, even though our offer was not the highest one. He has great knowledge about the market and individual areas. He made sure that we don’t overpay anything than what we need to get the house. He also negotiated with seller’s agent on lots of finer points to get the best deal for us in every aspect.

After the offer was accepted, his experienced closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. He worked with the financial organization to get us some rebate and save us money during the loan and closing process.

Amar has an excellent team (finance, home warranty, insurance etc.). Everyone on his team is a superstar. All of them are so approachable and patient. I am sure, I have asked same questions multiple times (sign of a first time home buyer), and every time Amar and his team has explained it to me in same detail with same enthusiasm. There was never a sign of frustration. Amar himself has those qualities in abundance and the same is true for his team.
Thank you so much Amar for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process and we are extremely happy with your service. I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends, colleagues, and relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.