Sujatha Client Experience

So about a year ago I decided to move from Austin Texas to this hotbed of innovation can Silicon Valley and tried to find a home base here. I spoke to a number of realtors, and they all gave me variations of the same story. Which was expect a long-drawn battle we'll get there eventually, and Open isn't that bad. When I spoke to Amar though all he said was don't sign a long-term lease will have you in a place he loved by the end of the month. He did in Mountain View at a price that I couldn't believe would get me anything in Mountain you let alone something that allows me to have the lifestyle I wanna have so, I strongly believe that this is a function of Amar alone. There's a lot about him that makes him the perfect buyer's agent, in my opinion. He always looks out for his clients. He negotiates down to the last penny he makes sure you win, and he makes the home buying experience as stress-free as imaginable it was literally a point-and-click experience for me. I found a place I liked I told him I liked it, and he wanted for me, and I just showed up to sign the closing documents pretty much, so yeah there's literally nothing. I can say about Amar that isn't the highest praise. and, would strongly recommend that if you're looking to buy or probably sell a property in the Bay Area, you should definitely definitely have Amar on your side.