Sony Client Experience

Hi everyone, this is sony and today I'm going to be talking about our home experience, Home buying experience with Amar. Amar is amazing I mean, we have known him for the past seven years, and he has helped us through thick and thin and walked us through the entire process seamlessly. He is aggressive, he negotiates really well, and we have never probably put a second offer on a house. We've always got it the first time uh we have put in the offer the best part about him is he treats us like family we are like family. I mean essentially, he helps us through each and every step and goes above and beyond like you know controlling you know every aspect of escrow and loans and everything, so as a buyer. We really didn't have to spend that much of time and energy doing all the paperwork. All of that was very easily and nicely taken care by Amar and his team. I only have like good things to you know tell about him words are short. I would say I mean he is just great, and everybody should totally you know go with him, and if you dream of a particular house I'm telling you you will get it with Amar hope this was helpful thank you guys and take care bye.