Kishore Client Experience

Kishore Mokada
Amar bought me my first home in Menlo Park, so what some of his key strengths or basically negotiating the deal not only negotiating the deal. You give him the requirements and the location and all the important details for you. He works really hard to get the right home that meets your requirement a very good market primary much below than the market price. Actually, so for example for my home the position for 95 k he was able to get me get that for me for like 70k. And he really did his homework, and he actually spoke to the agent. He assists the market and everything else, and then and he put his negotiating skills into work. He really did a great job in securing the deal at the very lowest price that's possible, and in fact and the same during the same time there were a lot of Homes were showing a much better price higher price than the price that he got me for so, and it's really great to work with him. I really appreciate all his help, and if you are looking for someone to buy you the right home and not only in terms of living there as well as it's something that a good asset for you in the future then Amar is a right person for you.
Thank you very much.