Hansini Client Experience

Hello, everyone I wanted to share with you our second home buying experience with Amar and Sri. Amar and Shri also helped us buy our very first home in the bay area. We were very new to Bay area at that point in time, and they provided us the right financial and investment guidance. Which really yielded us good returns as we are now looking to sell our current home in terms of our second home buying experience; I think firstly I'll have to like really talk about Sri. Sri is a person who would give you very honest feedback she thinks of it very practically she takes into account all that you need the space you're looking for the kind of locality you're looking for but she'll make sure that she also gives you the right investment and financial guidance and giving you that honest feedback in terms of why you should or shouldn't go for a particular property in fact in our house search process there were a couple of homes that me and my husband were really interested in and were willing to go all out to really buy the property but Sri really wanted to make sure that we get the right property for the right price and also something which would give us good returns in the future so she gave us her honest opinion feedback on why we shouldn't be going for certain properties so that's where we we were really convinced uh we were already convinced about our entry with our first home buying experience but this really reinforced our belief and trust in both of them Amar needless to say is a master negotiator. When we know, we are buying a home with you, know we are going to pay the right price. We are not going to overpay for the house, so he'll make sure despite immense competition. Which we had for the current property now that we are in Amar made sure that one we got the property because we were really fond of it. But he also made sure, despite competition, to get us the property at a very very good price, and I think I can't thank Amar and Sri enough so to all of you out there. Who are watching this video? If you're looking to have your home buying experience. I would suggest and highly recommend you go with Amar and Sri and not look beyond them. Thank you.