Meghashya Client Experience

Hi, my name is Shyam me and my wife started to look for single-family houses to buy. We got Amar and Sri on board a couple of months into our search, and within a month and a half, we got our dream house. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication by Amar, Sri, and his team. Amar is very well established in the Bay Area, and when it comes to buying houses in this hot market. It really matters to know a realtor who's very well established and who has a good reputation. So not only are they good at what they do, they even help you throughout the loan process until you actually get the keys of the house and not just the initial. You know offer phase where you get your offer accepted, and that's it, but they help you throughout. Our house also had about 10 or 11 other offers, and we were lucky to have Amar on our side and in spite of so many other offers, we still ended up winning. Yeah, so I would totally recommend Amar and Sri to whoever is looking to buy house in the Bay Area, and as soon as you go to them, the better it is because the property prices are not reducing. So you might as well get the best realtor and get the best house of your dreams as soon as possible.