Dinesh Client Experience

Hi, there this is Dinesh Tadepalli, and I'm recording this video to inform you how good Amar was during selling our home. So we are planning to go back to India, and we were looking for a very good realtor who could sell our home in this moving and changing market. As you all know Bay area had a very good seller's market till early 2019. But around end of 2018, early 2019 we saw a decline and the way homes were sold, and we were already very, very worried whether we should just sell it immediately or wait for the right time to sell it. But once we met with Amar and he gave us an explanation, he was a very detailed explanation on when to sell and how to sell, and he provided very valuable information to us. That made us decide to do a very important update to our home, and we were able to sell it within like 20 days. That was very, very good, including before escrow closure; it's about 20 to 25 days. So we put our home for an open house on March 1st, and then he was able to complete close the entire Escro processing by March 27th; this was a record in our community. I don't think any other realtor would be able to do that favor for us, and another thing you need to know is our community had a tough time to sell their homes because we have seen some nearby homes neighboring homes. Which are like in a higher square foot and more bedrooms than us they were still on a market from at least an average of 45 to 50 days, so we're very worried because we had to pay rent as well as like the mortgage for their existing home, but fortunately we went with Amar. He was able to take care of us, and even though there are a lot of pending homes nearby which were not getting any good offers. We were able to get like we were able to get like 11k more than what we listed out. Even though this is a buyer's market, we were able to have edge and get a better deal out of or sell out of selling a home. I sincerely thank Amar, and I believe he will be a great realtor for both selling as well as buying if you're looking for a home for if you're looking for your dream home or if you're looking to sell your home. I think just go look for them, don't look any further he would be your best bet. I sincerely thank Amar again, and I really appreciate whatever he has done for us.
Thank you