Client Experience

Hi everybody my name is sumit I live in Bay area on Milpitas and today I want to give a testimonial about my realtor Amar I'm not giving this with just one experience I know him for last 5 years I bought two homes myself for myself through him and one for my sister and I sold the last transaction I had with him was selling a home and I want to give you a view of like how different armar was and so last summer we were we didn't really plan for it but we saw a good home near our neighborhood and we thought of an upgrade we moved in because a market was little slow or steady last year so what do you do with the current home there's a single-family home it's a big lot it's nineteen seventies home a little old a little smaller square feet so we had we had this apprehension in the mind that the market is going slow or should we hold on for the next summer or should we wait and bite the bullet and go ahead with go ahead with putting in the market and the most unfavorable of the times we made decision in August market was not really bad but what we thought is we would be able to put the market pretty soon and maybe we would be able to get a good deal we approached Armar because we had the we had bought the home so we push Armar and discuss about the strategy and planning and then he listed down what are the different steps required for putting a home in the market he was he had a particular process of doing that I mean I I have multiple transaction with him so I was pretty confident on him and I know that if someone could help me sell a home in this difficult market it would be none other than numer I don't know of anyone else who can be that smart and works hard for you so the approach of selling a home is quite different and buying the home it has it's much more involved and you need a lot of effort if you're planning to prepare the home so this where Amar and Sri came up we discussed we had a box through to whom he'd explained certain things that need to be changed in a whom how where to put more money were to put less money how to get the curb appeal more of the home why not do this way not that way so it's not just his recommendations he went through each and every detail of the home spent quite a good amount of time in that and he suggested a certain grow certain contractors to me then I interviewed myself all of them got a plan and again
had discussion with amar to see which one works better then we had we catch up every week for a month to see what would be our plan and finally we finally started the work needs to give him update every other week and used to get the recommendations of that I used to implement that and it was kind of a team work for almost two months I had to do the city inspections and things like that so it delayed a lot and then our are a real up to market I mean every day I discover new stuff right what we need to do - before you put in the market right it's not like buying a home so everything took its time and finally if we couldn't put the market before in November so it was pretty late and the market was really really down at that time so then we had no option I mean we had an option to hold on but we had made all this progress so we have we'll be applying to put the put the thing on the market that's when we have the trust factor with our realtor Armar so initially we didn't know I mean how good the offer would be we had a huge discussion about what should be the price that we have to set what is the that's that that that should not be too much or too less it has to be optimum we had like one day of discussion one or two days of discussion market analysis I am brought in a lot of details across the market different areas and then finally we came together we came arrive at a price that we're gonna put once the home was staged again I had all the help from amar for the staging the recommendations who who should be contacted with and all those things so how much you spend on staging how much you spend on the inspections what are the things that you have to fix before inspections after inspection what are the things that we have done make a list of things that how much money your foot and the bill bill details the neuroses and all those things I had all prepared with me one distinguishing thing about putting a home in the market is how good the how good the staging is and how good the photographs and the video recording of the Home's that carries a lot of I didn't know that much but that carries a lot of weight when you see the home people have to come to come to the open home looking at the pictures and what would drive them is like real quality professional photographs and amar excellent a name I mean he himself does a lot of research on that and that was awesome when we see once the home was staged it was like out of our control it's like a amar takes up the bottom line he controls the Realtors was coming in going out the first day we had the market think about it's November market is really down we had almost like 80 visitors the first weekend and second weekend again 80 to 90 families and then all together around like 500 people visited and the views in the red fin were like 10,000 and I was kind of what's doing what's happening I mean so the marketing part is that where I'm are unleashes social networking contact strategies and everything immediately it comes top and Zillow and the first date was four thousand plus views the red fin so it was a hot home where people would immediately able to search and get so it's not it's it's about the what amo says it's about the marketing and not the market and I was kind of believing that I mean the market was really down and yes we had prepared very good home we had a staging but to drive people in to the home is the totally different skill and the handling of the people at the home like he goes around and attends each and everyone's questions and suggestions and if they have come up with so this is not really good he suggests okay you put this much money this can be modified this way so he's an interactive very much interactive kind of a realtor and that that really brought in people again and again over there and by the end of the day I can see him all tired and with all this conversations which in single handily handles and with the second weekend I was pretty sure we are going the right track just to in that I mean when the date card came for the offer deadline like a lot of strategies people want to imply saying the cup bring and give the first offer or like wait for like five days get the best offer don't put on don't put an offer dead ninety during like low seasons but Amar was not willing for that it was his call on the inside I see that it's the it's a confidence the confidence which gives you to put a deadline in such situation not wait read get the first offer but that added a lot of confidence in people who are coming in and visiting the home together we had twenty plus offers right and it was sold for ten percent more asking price I in such a situation right in such a low market calm and it's it doesn't I mean his services doesn't end there he services still extremes on to the last day of the closing wherein he even talks to the seller by a region he takes care of all the transactions he responds to a be offer in a good manner and he doesn't leave you until the the money is send it to your I can't so altogether we had a very nice and very long I mean selling a home is it's kind of ten times more effort I would say than buying the home and especially in the low market so without I'm where I was I couldn't even believe I mean we sold that home for like ten plus and more than asking price and the highest price at Redfin I was showing up and thanks for a more I mean we would still you know always contact him for any of our buying and selling needs the bottom line is there's no magic bullet to it it's like the hard work that and the focus that's being put in an understanding of the market and marketing so that's where I feel armor is a genuine and very he's a genius in that and that's where his skills are and he's very transparent and very professional no we didn't have we didn't have any concern or with any of those steps of that until closure or even after goods with that and I would highly recommend Amar for any of the selling needs I I see that he has already established over the last five years ten years as a very good buyer's agent but selling he could do with as much as as as much the same he has buying I mean if there is one agent who can provide you the top dollars for your home and recommend things that would fetch you the best dollars then it is Amar and from the bottom of my heart and I thank him for all the help that he has given all the services that he has given and I recommend to all the few to contact him for all your needs thank you once again my name is summit and I live in Milpitas. I owned I bought two homes through Amar and I sold one home all the best Amar thank you.