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LinkedIn Reviews


Uma Kumar Rapaka

Uma Kumar Rapaka

Leading - Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions COE

September 3, 2018, Uma Kumar was a client of Amar

We had decided to sell our house in Milpitas however we had a vacation planned around the time.
Amar stepped in at the right time and gave us assurance that it will all be taken care. From recommending the staging team, listing the home, hosting open house, promoting the listing to the maximum number of buyers, Amar went the extra mile and executed each step with utmost care and strategy. He negotiated well and made sure we got a great price on the home. Seamlessly we were able to come back from vacation and complete the closing formalities.

We really thank Amar for all his hard work and meticulous planning and execution.


Linda Jones

RN & Nursing faculty at John Muir Medical Center & CSUEB

July 16, 2018, Linda was a client of Amar

When we inherited 2 properties from our father, we were presented with the task of renovating and selling the properties. We were all somewhat inexperienced and felt overwhelmed by the task. We considered selling the properties 'as is', but decided to do some research and that is how we found Amar. Amar had sold a property at one of the complexes concerned at a very surprising selling price. He also had a long list of tremendous reviews.
From the very beginning, Amar was clear in his communication. He had a great deal of knowledge about what buyers in Silicon Valley are looking for. He coordinated referrals with contractors and gave us building supply sources. He was detailed and quick to respond to every question and concern. When it was time to list the property, he clearly understood the best strategy to draw multiple interested buyers. He was very skillful in his negotiation and kept us well informed throughout the process. In addition, he refused to represent the buyer, as he doesn't want a conflict of interest to the seller, even though that would increase his personal commission.
Amar, through hard work and determination, achieved a record price for our property, with reliable buyers, which was 171,000 over asking price!! He negotiated and executed a quick and painless escrow process, which ended in an early and successful close of escrow. We count ourselves lucky to have found Amar and give him the highest recommendation.


Kunal Sahu

Kunal Sahu

Software Engineering Manager

July 5, 2018, Kunal was a client of Amar

""Stressful", "frustrating", "tough" - these are some of the words that usually come to one's mind when one thinks about buying one's first home. We have been hunting our first home for the past 6 months, but with no luck. Multiple offers submitted, few got counters and nothing accepted. We were also waiting for our first kid to arrive this summer. Life was chaotic at best until we bumped into Amar (through one of our friends at LinkedIn). 

From our very first conversation with Amar, we could feel the difference between him and other agents we have been working with. Amar came across somebody who has in-depth knowledge of the Bay Area real-estate market and knows how to win in pressure situations. He was very very cooperative in understanding our requirements and guiding us through various areas. 

With multiple set-backs, we had very little hope about buying it in this aggressive market. Amar assured us that he would try his level best and there is nothing to be worried about. He has a calming presence which soothes the buyers and gives them this peace of mind. Couple of days after submitting our offer, to our surprise Amar came back to us with our offer accepted!!! We are the winners of fierce competition (10 offers) and our offer is not the highest offer. Finally, we settled in a nice corner unit in the heart of Sunnyvale. That was the first one we were working with Amar. We loved the home, its lay out and its neighbourhood. 

Amar worked really hard behind the scenes and added that personal touch in negotiating the deal for us. Besides, he was at the fore front of each and every stage of the home buying and saved lot of money in the process. Staying at top of things, he also made us understand the various aspects of being a home owner. He worked with the loan officer, escrow officer, selling agent, appraisal officer, insurance agent and a whole bunch of people to close the deal in less than 15 days. 

The speed at which Amar works is truly unbelievable. With him around, one does not need to worry about a thing. Sometimes, I feel that one has 24 hours in a day, but Amar has 30 hours in a day. The amount of stuff he manages to get done is remarkable. One has to meet and work with him to truly understand and experience it. Basically, Amar is a really nice person and lovely to work. He has his heart in this profession and brings the human aspect in the things he does. I can't recommend enough about Amar's contribution in fulfilling our dream of being a home owner. He is a ROCKSTAR!

Update 2017 -- we have bought a second home with Amar and our experience has not changed even one bit, if not better. If you are a serious home buyer looking for your home in today's competitive market, get in touch with Amar. He is great to work with and keeps a personal connect.


Naveen Bachkethi

Naveen Bachkethi

Manager Engineering at VMware

June 29, 2018, Naveen was a client of Amar

"I started my home search around 9 months ago and today after a long struggle and putting around 10 offers finally I own a house. 

This journey could have been much smoother and fun if I would have met "Amarrath" at the starting of it. Nine months ago when I started the house search with my first agent (Not Amar), it looked like driving an uphill without any driving experience. 

Experience with my first agent was a nightmare, there was a very little information that my first agent would have about the properties that I would like to see, no grip or very little grip on the market, no team, just standalone. I put continuously 9 unsuccessful offers with him but never got any of them and things went beyond the limit when in a house we put 700K and the house was finally sold in 685K but we did not the house and the comments about my old agent from the listing agent was “where did you got this agent”, That point I understood the importance of real estate agent. It’s not the highest bid you put in market, it’s not highest credit score, but it is the strong real estate agent that gets you the deal, and with my experience I can tell that Amar is THE ONE, who can get you anything you like. 

My journey started with Amar after getting introduced through one of my friend and he told lot of good things about Amar, but with my experience with my previous agent was not that comfortable, so did not wanted to jump so did a lot of study on looking at Amar’s LinkedIn profile which was having lot of +ve reviews, so decided to go with him, today sitting in my new house, I feel very fortunate that I met Amar. The 1st offer that was put through AMAR was readily accepted and within 2 weeks AMAR closed the deal, it gave me an extreme piece of mind and a respect and a tremendous confidence for the man (AMAR) and his team. I referred one of my friends to AMAR and there also Amar proved that he is the best, there also his first offer was accepted. 

Amar has connections, respect in market and a team which will get you the house with best price. 

He has a team starting from loan officer to the closing escrow connections which makes your transaction flawless. 
I can say a lot about Amar’s capabilities but here is a list which tells how he helped me: 

1. The Best deal negotiation by ALL possible means 
2. Perfect execution of the process. 
3. Winning property in hot market with right strategy. 
4. Personally involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing) 
5. Co-ordination and engagement with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing 
6. Collaboration in informed decision making 
7. Entire process guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. 
8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.


Mahesh Gupta

Mahesh Gupta

Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Netskope

June 18, 2018, Mahesh was a client of Amar

I saw Amar profile on Zillow and instantly felt trustworthiness and sincerity. We met him and right away, he set us for pre-approval process. During pre-approval process itself, the way Nicole from Guaranteed rates and Amar was working, I felt we are in safe hands. Amar asked right question about our budget and expectation from home and gave access to a portal where listing was already customized to our requirement. When we made an offer and got accepted, Amar and team guided us in every step to close the deal. I first hand experienced market knowledge of Amar and team when at one point property appraisal came below our expectation and within 15 minutes team challenged that with extensive data and facts and we able to overturn it. We are today a proud homeowner, it’s all because of Amar and team.


Dinesh K Mohan

Dinesh K Mohan

Silicon Architecture Engineer at Intel Corporation

June 13, 2018, Dinesh K was a client of Amar

Amar, Sri and their staff were top notch and a pleasure to work with in purchasing our first home. Strategic, professional, and accommodating. We are glad that our offer was accepted in a competitive market. Amar’s sharp skill set helped us navigate through negotiations to influence seller to choose our offer. Amar and Sri has been on top of things and helped us in every step of home buying experience. I also found them to be very knowledgeable of the area and able to bring back good advice and information about the properties. Their extensive experience really helped ease our stress during the hunt. Starting from first meeting till date both were proactive and responded to all queries promptly. Amar introduced us to reliable mortgage broker who helped us secure our loan in efficient manner. Amar helped us through the whole process and after purchase formalities. We are impressed with results.

Thank you Amar, Sri and team for guiding us in the right direction.

If you are looking for a realtor that has the knowledge base and ability to get the house you like in a smooth manner then Amar's team is the way to go!


Mani Bharathi Pandian

Mani Bharathi Pandian

Staff Engineer at Qualcomm

May 29, 2018, Mani Bharathi was a client of Amar

It was a pleasure working with Amar and Sri for our first home purchase. They made the entire home buying experience a smooth and memorable one for us. In our first meeting, Amar stressed on team work which includes us, the buyers as well. At the end, it was the complete team work that won us the home. Amar's team is a "one stop" shop for home buying. Everyone in the team (Amar/Sri - realtors, Narayan - admin, Nicole and team - home loan and Millie - Escrow) played their role to perfection and their professionalism is of the highest quality. Each member is highly experienced, collaborative, resourceful, and always alert. Whenever a challenging situation presented itself, they knew the corrective course of action and quickly implemented it. They all went above and beyond call of duty to take us to the finish line on-time. We highly recommend Amar/Sri and their team to anyone who like us are serious about winning competitive bids and close the sale on-time.

Amar's excellent negotiation skill and Sri's straight to-the-point advises deserve a special mention. Sri was in constant touch throughout the home search process. Sri educated us on what the target list price should be, which localities we should aim for and made sure we were putting our time and effort on property where our chances of winning was realistic. Sri and Amar reached out to us at key junctures, patiently explained the pros and cons, and readily shared their point of view: all of which greatly helped us with the decision making. Amar won us a very competitive bid without multiple counter offers and successfully negotiated to have the seller pay a major portion of the closing cost - a perfect deal for us. Few days later the bank appraisal came in and the home was valued above the sale price - a true testament to Amar's extraordinary negotiation skills. Post the offer acceptance, the team worked very hard to close the sale on time. Personally, we felt it was a huge advantage to work with a close-knit team as they collaborated among themselves to get majority of the work done. This allowed us to give all our time and attention to our son who at the time of purchase was barely a month old. A big thanks to Amar, Sri and team for all their help and care. We will be Amar/Sri's client for lifetime!

Oviya and Mani


Jagadish Guttikonda

Jagadish Guttikonda

IT Solutions Management - Business Process Architect at Applied Materials

May 15, 2018, Jagadish was a client of Amar

Hi Amar/Sri,
Following is my feedback on the home buying experience we had with you and your team.
We started off on the home buying journey with you almost 1 1/2 years back. We had gone
through 4-5 properties related offer presentations where couple of them we did not get
selected and couple of them we got them and rejected them on contingency basis. During
all this time you had been available whenever we called you and asked about any of the
Finally beginning of this month(May 1 st 2018) we closed with a successful one.
During this long home buying journey we had with you, we observed the following:

1. You are very diligent in your home analysis with respect to the ROI, Costs, growth
potential, suitability to our needs etc. Really appreciate your insight and knowledge
about all things related to home buying.
2. You are very knowledgeable about the scenarios which would fit my family’s
personal needs.
E.g. In one scenario we had a home that was well below and within our budget (price
wise). You had analysed the growth prospects for my family and gave your feedback
on what are the pros and cons of choosing that property, which allowed us to make
our decision in an informed way.
3. You had given us great advice on which conditions we should be wary of and which
we should be able to mitigate and which we should be able to address.
4. You had good external and internal team setup which basically allowed us to close
the property on time.
5. You had been on top of things that were necessary for closing the property.
6. You had given us your external business contacts for working with different aspects
of owning a home and managing it.
Overall it has been a great home buying experience. It was (and is) great feeling, working
with you and your extended team ( especially Stacey Huang).


Sanket Dave

Sanket Dave

Media Engineer at Apple

May 7, 2018, Sanket was a client of Amar

If you are here reading this review, it is how we started our search for a realtor to represent us. Strong recommendations here as well as a personal recommendation from a friend and we decided to meet Amar to purchase our home. 

Just like many of the other recommendations on here have already talked about the well established process Amar & his team follow, we started with meeting Amar at his office, followed by discussing our needs with Sri. Her inputs and ideas on how we could get the best value for our money and improve an existing home were very helpful. She is very approachable through the entire process. We decided to not place an offer on a property we had initially liked at the last minute, Sri was extremely supportive of our decision, regardless of the amount of work the team had already put in. The emphasis is on team work and it shows very well all through the process. 

When we finally decided to move ahead on an offer, Amar ensured that our overall offer package was the strongest. Sri kept us up to date on the discussions with the Seller throughout the day. We had little hope we would win the offer as there were multiple offers and the seller could easily counter any of them. But thanks to Amar & Sri, we won the offer on a home we liked without any counters.

Once the offer deal was done, Amar introduced us to a team​ of experts for our loan and insurance needs. The loan was approved in 8 straight days and we closed quickly. We highly recommend Amar, Sri & team and look forward to working with them again in the future for any of our real estate needs.


Hari Krishna Siripuram

Hari Krishna Siripuram

Lead Engineer-IT (DevOPs/SRE) at Cisco Systems

April 30, 2018, Hari Krishna was a client of Amar

We would like to start with big thank you to Amar & Sri for getting us our dream home.Honestly we are lucky that we met Amar & Sri, so our home buying experience was very smooth and closed in less than 14 business days (was like a all cash closure).

We met Amar through our colleague review and also by LinkedIn references. Amar is very detailed oriented person, explained us whole home buying process, market conditions, loan process, home searching process and introduced us to Sri.

Sri is an excellent person, who has great dedication, patience and very committed towards clients satisfaction. We liked a property, and forwarded details to Sri, she did thorough research on the property and provided her feedback that about home condition, neighborhood, city developments around that property and also potential hazards around the property. Since it was our first home and very new to bidding process, Sri explained every step very patiently, actually we called many times even late nights..but Sri explained everything very in detailed and never hesitated. Sri introduced us to a bank loan officer, who is a nation No.1 ranking mortgage officer and got us approval over night with an unbeatable APR. Personally we have learned a lot while working with Sri, and definitely felt she is like our family member.

In next step Amar got all disclosures, inspection reports and went through everything with us and what need to be looked in those documents and also estimated $$ for any potential repairs as per reports.

Next big step is offer submission. Amar has excellent negotiation skills in winning bidding wars. But in our case he went beyond and above to win our offer because there were 4+ higher bids, one of them was almost 6% higher than ours, so we thought we lost our offer, but Amar used his excellent negotiation strategy to compete higher bids with out giving counter offer and able to win ours. I believe he put his soul in winning our offer.

Once we win offer, our next challenge was to close escrow in 14 business days including appraisal and loan process. Amar got a great team who works day & night to accomplish their tasks once committed. Amar & Sri got an excellent strategy on how to close escrow process in given timelines. Amar’s KME (Key Milestone Execution) process helped us a lot in closing everything smoothly with in 10 days, 4 days less than committed. I believe none would have heard closing home in 10 business days including appraisal and loan process. But Amar and his team made it possible.

On overall it was great experience in working with Amar & Sri, during our home buying process. Amar got best team and references, where nobody was able to beat estimates provided by his references. For example bank loan (APR was unbeatable), Home Insurance, Kitchen & Bath Remodel material store and Contractor. Amar & Sri comes with full home buying package, so clients doesn’t need to-do additional research and will have 200% satisfaction.

Once again thank you Sir


Punita Dave

Punita Dave

President - Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) at ApexOrion

April 24, 2018, Punita was a client of Amar

Hi Amar,
We had a wonderful experience working with you. When we sold our first home with you in August 2017, we were not sure how things will turn out. But you did such an excellent job that in February 2018 we decided to list our primary residence with you as well. We left our home in your hands with peace of mind that you will take care of anything and everything, and moved to another state.

You lived above and beyond our trust and took care of selling our home with highest price in the community ever, with flawless execution. You worked with us every step of the way, dealing with every single thing that needed to be sorted out. No other realtor would have executed it so well!

You have an awesome marketing strategy and sold our home in no time! We know a couple of homes in our community that were not sold for a long time after they were listed. But with you, we knew you will do such awesome Marketing that our house will be sold right away. Wonderful job!!!!!

Here are a few other highlights of our experience:

1. 255K over listed price
2. It was the best deal we could have gotten
3. It’s a record highest ever sold price in the community because of your       unparalleled negotiation skills, extensive online Marketing, and round    the clock work
4. Selling Home with right strategy
5. Personal involvement, co-ordination and engagement in ALL areas including but not limited to Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and Closing
6. Collaboration and informed decision making
7. Staying on TOP of EVERY TASK in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.
We would recommend you to any of our contacts in a heart-beat!!!! Great job!!!!
Rekha and Punita.


Aarun Sailyendran Murugesan

Aarun Sailyendran Murugesan

Sr. Manager - IT Application Development at Intuitive Surgical

April 15, 2018, Aarun Sailyendran was a client of Amar

First of all, I want to start with a BIG THANK YOU note to Amar Realtor & Team for getting me a wonderful home.

As every home buyer in Bay Area, I was also frustrated with not getting the ideal home, losing the bidding wars and ever increasing home prices. I stopped my home search within 6 months. After a long break, I went to an open house and liked a property. I wanted to choose an experienced realtor this time who can negotiate well and submit the winning offer. I read all the great reviews about Amar Realtor online and choose him with lots of hopes.

I met Amar in his office and he spent an hour to explain the whole Home Buying process and answered all my questions with patience. He got me pre-approval overnight through lender. Next day Sri called me to understand my needs & expectations and discussed about the property which I was interested in. She explained me about the home, location, neighborhood, amenities, etc.

Amar got the disclosures and reviewed with me in detail & informed me about all the facts I should pay attention to. Amar & Sri worked on the pricing and suggested me what could be winning offer price and submitted my offer at right time.

Amar is a MASTER when it comes to offer negotiation and he negotiated very well with listing agent and got my offer accepted. My offer was not the highest one and Amar worked really hard to win it through excellent strategy.

Once the offer is accepted, Amar provided me “Key Milestones” which is like Project Plan and he executed to its perfection. He referred me a wonderful team of individuals for Loan, Warranty, Home Insurance and assisted with Close of Escrow.

To be honest, I was really lucky enough to get my first home with Amar but that would not have been possible without the efforts of Amar Realtor Team. Amar & Sri are very helpful, easy to approach and they assist you with entire home buying process.

Try Out Yourself!!!


vivek rajanna

vivek rajanna

Senior VP Engineering at Y Media Labs

March 19, 2018, vivek was a client of Amar

When u have to buy a house in the valley you need to have all support you can get. The house buysing expereince can be daunting for the first time house buyers. When we started to look for house we were went through failed attempts to secure our house, that is when we contacted amar. Amar bought new focus for us educating us on the market and kind of house we need to be looking out for. Within week of us working with Amar we were able to place offer that was accepted. Amar played huge role in position our offer in best possible manner and also worked through various angle to conveince the buyers agent on our bid. Once the offer got accepted he bought in his team of experts who were able to work with us on pace that was needed to close the house. I also like the fact that Amar continues to be in touch with us and updating on the market. I would recommend Amar to anyone who is looking for house in valley. Having worked other relators I can say with confidence he is the Best that I have come across.


Sandeep Chopade

Sandeep Chopade

Principal at E*TRADE

March 17, 2018, Sandeep was a client of Amar

Amar is the best realtor for all the home-buyers. Buying a house is a very tough process especially with this market condition in south bay. But fortunately we had Amar doing everything for us . He is a very genuine person who has excellent knowledge of the market with his excellent Negotiation skills, we are still thinking about how he managed to win the offer for us from multiple offers . Amar, you encouraged us to buy an independent house when we were compromising with a town house. We never thought that we will be able to get this house but with all your inputs and efforts we got it .

Amar has lots of experience in real estate business and the properties he has sold makes him stand out. He along with his team are working very hard to get the buyers their dream homes ..

Thank you so much Amar for everything, we really appreciate what you have done for us .


Sujatha Kashyap

Sujatha Kashyap

17 years of turning big ideas into reality.

March 11, 2018, Sujatha was a client of Amar

Amar was my seller’s agent for my Mountain View condo. I currently live in Texas, so this was a remote sale. Amar is an incredibly talented and motivated professional – by leagues the best agent I have ever worked with. Thanks to his exceptional marketing, zeal and talent, he sold my condo for the record high price in my neighborhood, 181K over list price during the off-season!

From the moment I called him till the successful closing, he took care of every detail with the highest degree of excellence. He was personally involved in every aspect of the sale, from staging to marketing to appraisal to escrow process – everything was executed flawlessly and on-time.

Especially as a remote seller, I greatly appreciated how worry-free the whole experience was for me. I know my home sale was in the best hands possible, and Amar exceeded every expectation I could have ever had in selling my home.


Shiva Vaidya, PMP, CISA

Shiva Vaidya, PMP, CISA

IT Transformation Management Professional

February 28, 2018, Shiva was a client of Amar

Amar and his wife Sri make a formidable team. During the initial days of visiting open houses and narrowing down the right areas with good school district, Sri was an excellent guide having in-depth conversation about investing in the right locations and advising us on each home thoroughly. Since my husband and I both have hectic work schedules, Sri was able to accommodate calls after hours for any questions/concerns. Her knowledge of the market, areas and insights based on our needs was critical. On one home which we really liked and seemed good at face value, Sri was able to advise us on this not being a good investment in the long term since it might lack appreciation value, this was valuable advice since most realtors hesitate to tell the truth and might not stop you from making wrong home buying decisions.

The first meeting with Amar convinced us that he is a professional and has the right expertise to guide us through the home buying process in this intensely competitive Bay Area market. We were proven correct when within 2 months of home search. When we moved to the next phase of making an offer on a home of interest, Amar stepped in with his expertise to guide us on the right
offer prices while ensuring appreciation and appraisal gaps are well accounted for. Amar and Sri’s guidance helped us be the second highest offer on the table. Amar excellent negotiation skills was able to win us the offer despite the highest offer being 40K more than ours. Amar/Sri collaborated with us on every aspect of the process/strategy and kept us informed throughout on the progress.

During the escrow/appraisal process, we were concerned on potential appraisal gaps. Amar and Sri went above and beyond to personally met with the appraiser to ensure the appraiser understands the local market and right value of the home.

Our family can highly recommend Amar/Sri based on our experience. We will be happy to work with Amar/Sri if we chose to buy another home !


Manu Narur Manjegowda

Security Engineer at Apple

January 7, 2018, Manu was a client of Amar

Working with you (Amar realtors) was a great experience for us. Within a month after started working with Amar we found our dream house.

We had worked with 2 other bay area realtors before and the experience was bad. Due to our personal reasons we were in a hurry to buy a house and had almost lost hope after a long search. But once we met Amar, he and his wife Sri made this happen for us so quick which seems like a miracle!

The significant difference that we noticed with Amar and others is that Amar's home buying process along with his negotiation skills and ideas in making an offer stronger makes him unique.

At our first visit with Amar , he discussed home buying process, our requirements, budget and helped us set up right expectations with his frank opinion. We found this helpful esp. when buying home for the first time.

Additionally, the home buying process what Amar realtors follow is quite impressive where as a team Sri and Amar looked at various functional and technical aspects of the house and provided their insight. This again helped us in capturing some aspects that went unnoticed.

There are a lot of factors which gave us satisfaction working with Amar and have summarized below :
First of all his ideas in making a strong offer is impactful.
He followed up closely with the selling agent and negotiated very well to win the bid with multiple counter offer situation. 
With his excellent negotiation skills, he negotiated 10K$ less than the offered price after the offer was accepted in Willows of Willow Glen San Jose.
The team's active involvement and coordination through out the process-escrow, loan, closing process was quick and very efficient. Good collaboration.
As an experienced realtor Amar's foresight is excellent .He gives heads up and immediately suggests work around in tough situations.
His encouragement and guidance in making offers irrespective of whether we make a winning offer or a lower priced one gave us good understanding of bidding process.

Overall , me and my husband are very thankful to Amar realtors in executing a plan to find a house as per our requirements.We will definitely continue to work with Amar in future and recommend to all our friends


Smitha Sathi Nair

Smitha Sathi Nair


January 7, 2018, Smitha was a client of Amar

When we set out to buy a home, the market conditions were the most difficult for any buyer. We had unsuccessfully already put in offers on a couple of homes. But from our very first meeting with Amar, he was able to instill a confidence in us. Sri pitched in, and was giving us very insightful guidance on how to go about the whole process. Both Amar and Sri were constantly in touch with us, and we eventually zeroed in on a property.
Where most agents would leave it on the buyers to look for properties in a crazy market as this, Amar and Sri were working more than we did to select the home for us. We are extremely grateful and inspired by their approach.
After the offer went through, they guided us through every step and successfully closed the home buying process in a very short time. And all along, they made it so seamless for us, while they were working out so many details in the background. Amar and his team are commendable in their commitment and approach to the job.


Subramanian M P

Subramanian M P

Manager - Supply Chain Apps at Apple

January 3, 2018, Subramanian was a client of Amar

Hi Amar,

Thank you so much for getting the nice home for us ! You were so amazing in business to make this deal work! Its truly showcases that you are a top notch relator in the area.

Being a first time home buyer, working with you was the best decision we made in the house hunt. Within 2 weeks after meeting you, we had our offer won, AND within a month we had the House keys! that looks like a miracle in the competitive Bay Area market!

The entire process right from the day I met you to the deal closure went extremely smooth. your guidance through the process helped us make critical decision. And more importantly our peace of mind!

You and your team had definitely gone above and beyond in making this deal work and to summarize as follows:

· The Best Deal Negotiation by all possible means

· Perfect Execution of the process

· Winning the Home with right strategy

· You guys were personally involved in all areas (Escrow process, Loan, and closing)

· Co-ordination with Escrow to ensure closing

· Collaboration in informed decision making

· Entire Process guidance throughout Home Buying Process

· Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

I strongly recommend Amar ,Sri & Team for buying home and definitely the buyers will have peace of mind. I am sure we will look forward to work with Amar and team in the future.

Thanks a lot once again!



Yaseen Kadlemakki

Solutions Architect | Product Owner | Technology Evangelist

December 26, 2017, Yaseen was a client of Amar

Our home selling experience with Amar was as easy as it can get. Process started with him visiting the house and recommending minor decor changes that were required, he did a phenomenal job right from the beginning with photo shoot, pre-list marketing, aggressive open house showing and showed great negotiation skills from offer to close. He went above and beyond his duty to make sure all aspects were taken care. I would recommend Amar as a selling or a buying agent any day.


Twinkle Amin

Twinkle Amin

Client Services and Account Manager at Entisys360

December 11, 2017, Twinkle was a client of Amar

Hi Twinkle, can you write me a recommendation?
As a first time home buyer I am extremely pleased by you and your team for managing the process and getting us into our much awaited new home. Your guidance was unmatched and I cannot thank you and your team enough!!! You have been fantastic and I heartily appreciate all you have done, known and unknown behind the scenes. I am sure there is a LOT you have done that I am still not aware of. 

I truly feel we have gotten a home with GREAT VALUE that I would not have been able to get without YOU. There are no words to express my gratitude but please know that we are grateful for your service and the commitment we have received! If I were to do it again, you would be my ultimate and ONLY choice J. THANK YOU Amar and Sri!!

- Love,
Twinkle, Paresh, Eshaan & games


Rajendra Prasad Gottipati

SWQA at Google.

December 10, 2017, Rajendra Prasad was a client of Amar

We had started home buying process at beginning of 2017 with other agent, gave offers to few homes and lost, we won offer for the first home we had seen with Amar and baught home, we had smooth buying experience with Amar and team, they took care of every aspect of buying process right from best deal in offer to Escrow closing process etc., We even got all details about utilities contact etc.. before move.

In this competitive housing market we are able to buy home we liked because of your professional execution and process, thank you very much for your help with our home buying process.

we highly recommend Amar for home buying.


Abhijeet Bhalerao

Abhijeet Bhalerao

Storage system designer -> data engineer

October 31, 2017, Abhijeet was a client of Amar

We were impressed with Amar right from the first time we met him in his office. Even though we told him we were not seriously looking at homes right now, he was onboard. Amar gave us an overview of the entire home buying process, what to look at, and in demand areas.
Sri, Amar and their entire team is usually on top of things. Sri is very responsive and gives very frank opinion about any house we ask her about. When we found our dream home, we were sure we would never get it. But Amar worked his magic and got us the house!
After our offer was accepted, Amar & team guided us in every step and have been as responsive and helping us close the house on time and without any issues. Amar’s team (lender, insurance agent, home warranty and others ) were very helpful in closing the home in 3 weeks as promised in the offer. 
We are extremely happy that we went with Amar, Sri and their team. I have doubt if it would’ve been possible to get our dream home in less than 3 months of meeting Amar in his office! We have already been talking and recommending Amar to all our friends and relatives looking into buying a home in the near future.


Avinash Renuka

Avinash Renuka

Staff II IC Design Engineer at Broadcom

October 30, 2017, Avinash was a client of Amar

Hi Amar

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and Sri for helping me and my wife to find our dream home. You guided us in each step like a dependable friend and getting us in right direction in the home buying process. We were clueless on the entire home buying process in the beginning, wandering in different directions with different thoughts. You not only helped us understand what we really wanted as our home but also made us realize our potential of buying a property in the bay area.. Your good reputation in the market along with your passion and dedication for work is truly commendable. It's really extraordinary that the way you executed the perfect plan by following up on every details to close the deal in 18 days without much friction. We appreciate your entire team who works closely and swiftly to win a deal. We are truly humbled to have you as our agent. I specially thank Sri for dedicating lot of time for us and being available all the time to answer our queries and concerns. You guys would be a perfect choice for young couples like us to win a dream house. Thank you once again.


Ram Elango

Ram Elango

Sr. Data Analyst/Business Intelligence Lead

October 4, 2017, Ram was a client of Amar

I would like to share my home buying experience with Amar and Sri.

I met Amar after reading reviews online and we met at his office and during my visit he explained me the process in detail and I left the place with confidence and comfort that we have met a good human being who is also becomes to be a realtor.

Sri used to send me open house schedule and explain me the positive and negatives of the house which helps 1st home buyers like me, she is very knowledgeable and have lots of patience to explain.

Within few days of my house hunt, I liked a house and I updated Amar and Sri on the same and what happens next is all miracle but I was fortunate to see it happen and am still not able to believe it.

This is the only home I liked and this is the only home I told Amar and he got it for me with his high negotiation skills, every task he performs I know for sure Amar puts his heart and soul and his 200% of his energy to make it happen. He has a great communication skill of how to work with various players in the transaction, he knows when to fall back or to move forward to make things happen which benefits the buyer.

I have heard many home buying experience from my friends and relatives but what happened to me is simply great. The house I got had 2 all cash offers and I was dependent on home loan but it's Amar pure excellent execution skills that I got this house.

Amar guided me throughout the process and he was on top of all key dates and he helped me get home warranty, home loan and home insurance. He is very systematic, punctual, dedicated and he is a great human being.

Amar and Sri is like a family member to me.
If you get to work with him and I am sure you will say "I am right".

You buy a small budget house or a big budget house... Amar is always the same and the end results is always SUCCESS.

God Bless Amar, Sri and their family !!!

Ram and Vinita


Mukesh Gupta

Mukesh Gupta

Senior Director of Product Management at Illumio

September 30, 2017, Mukesh was a client of Amar

We hired Amar to sell our house in Milpitas. The process started with Amar walking through our house and suggesting improvements to the house so it shows up well. He also recommended a contractor who did all the remodeling/fixing and made the house beautiful. Amar also provided reference to a good stager for staging the house. Once the house was staged, Amar took over completely and we didn't have to do anything except following his instructions. He marketed the house very heavily with high quality pictures, videos, brochures, virtual reality tours, social media, and by personally distributing flyers to the entire neighborhood. The results of his marketing efforts were astonishing. We ended up receiving 14 offers with one weekend of open house. He worked all day tirelessly with the potential buyers negotiating with them on the day of the offer. We ended up with the offer that was $200K+ (20%) above the list and was the highest $/sqft., not just in the history of the neighborhood but probably in the history of Milpitas. Once we were in contract, Amar worked with appraisers, loan officers, escrow, and the seller's agent to bring the transaction to a successful closure without us having to do anything at all other than signing the papers. He is an amazing agent who takes his job very seriously and performs far beyond the call of duty to maximize the value for the seller. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell their house.


Sumit Singhal

Sumit Singhal

Staff Design Verification Engineer at Broadcom

September 21, 2017, Sumit was a client of Amar

This was my first home buying experience and Amar and his team made it a pretty great one. The best thing I liked was working with the whole team and not just with one person. Amar was the initiator as he explained to me how this whole process works and what his strategy is. But, then his Wife “Sri” took the charge on answering all my queries and suggesting which open houses are worth going for. Once I had liked the place, they left no stone unturned to win the offer. 

Amar is flawless in his execution and he enjoys the buying process, evident from the fact that he represents more buyers than sellers, giving him an extra edge in the buying process. I would recommend Amar any day.


Sandeep Nair

Core OS at Apple

September 17, 2017, Sandeep was a client of Amar

I connected with Amar through a friend who had provided a very positive feedback. Knowing how tough it is to get a house of one's liking in Bay Area, I think, we are few of those fortunate people who got their first offer accepted. We walked into our new home in just under a month after meeting Amar, which for me is a big deal as home buying experience in Bay Area can be very frustrating. Our home buying experience was excellent and stress free with Amar, Sri and Team. Amar and his team are very experienced and professional. He was involved in all the areas of the home buying experience starting from loan pre-approval, home evaluation, offer negotiation, appraisal, loan, escrow and closing, and collaborated diligently and actively with all the participating parties resulting in a smooth and fast closing.

I will definitely recommend Amar to all Home buyers for a smooth Home buying experience and I would like to personally thank Amar and his team for making my home buying experience so smooth and memorable.


Akshay Gandhi

DevOps Production Engineer

September 8, 2017, Akshay was a client of Amar

Negotiation skills, strategy and excellent support team is what differentiates Amar and team.
Finding home is 50-50% work between buyers and an agent. When you work with Amar, he provides the value in getting the deal done smoothly and effectively. Though Sri and Amar can help and guide about finding the right house, deciding the area, researching the local market etc... it is more of buyers choice.

We liked one house and told Amar and Sri that we were interested. Amar did an excellent job advising us on home condition, value, local housing market, and overall area. Sri and Amar also pointed us in the right direction to find other relative information. Once we finalized that we want to put an offer for the house, he took over the process. Sri kept us in loop through out the process, during this time I witnessed how right strategy, negotiation skills and process works the wonder. Amar was clear and calm during the process and ultimately finalized the house for us. From the time we liked the house and told Amar and Sri about it, it baraly took a day to put an offer and within 2 days offer was accepted. 
Amar and team's support continued to be there even after loan process was over. Whole loan process was smooth and fast. Here is where I saw how much difference it makes to have an excellent support team. When you work with Amar, you actually work with experianced team of professionals, where each member has a specific role and they execute on it without any flaws. 

We got the house in very first offer. Ours was not the highest offer. During negotiation phase, at one point, I was willing to increase offer by 20k but Amar advised against it and followed his strategy to win the house for us. It is rare to get house in first offer in current market. Individual experience will be different but I can tell that when you work with Amar, at right time, with right strategy, sooner or later he will get you in the house of your liking. Amar is a sincere, professional and trustworthy realtor. He is in this occupation because that is what he likes to do. He takes pride in the deals he makes and does the transactions as his own.


Padma Arumilli

Tech Lead Development at WellsFargo

September 1, 2017, Padma was a client of Amar

We are happy to choose Amar and team in our Home selling process. After having an informative talk with Amar we just followed his advice and suggestions with complete trust. The transaction was smooth and transparent. Amar provided right guidance to get the best price that met our expectations without any hassle of open house or staging. The price is the best considering the history of the property already in market last year and delisted by another agent. We whole heartedly refer Amar to our friends or anyone looking to Buy or Sell the houses. Amar is always the first person we consult for our Real estate needs.


Karthik Srinivasan

Karthik Srinivasan

Director, Product Management at Dell EMC

August 23, 2017, Karthik was a client of Amar

Amar, Sri and team are top notch professionals. Their attention to detail and customer focus make them an invaluable partner in the whole home buying process. They guided us every step of the way patiently answering our questions and following up at every stage. 

Amar also brings to the table an experienced extended team of loan, warranty, insurance professionals who provide great serivces and make the entire process very smooth. 

All in all highly recommended !


Preeti Kothari

Preeti Kothari

Business Analyst-Oracle(Contract)

August 21, 2017, Preeti was a client of Amar

We worked with Amar on selling our Home recently and he exceeded our expectations on pricing front. To to honest, there is this sense of tentativeness amongst many of us working with realtors nowadays but I can vouch that there are tangible benefits working with someone like Amar.

Amar brings a sense of orderliness to the process and works out a detailed plan with you. Yes, it’s a joint ownership of the process and he’d drive you hard to make sure you follow through which eventually would be to your benefit. There are many things that he’d take care of in the background which would help process go smoother. In all, his diligence and perseverance are big assets in my opinion.

The Home that Amar sold, fetched the highest price EVER SOLD $/sq.ft in the neighborhood/community and that’s the testimony to his selling strength, negotiating skills and above all extensive online Marketing by working around the clock.

Even in your interactions you could sense his steadfast focus towards goals whether his own or your shared goals with him. This quality of him to optimize for those goals and showing that through his results is what I feel sets him apart.


Srinivas Gantasala

Consultant at Tech-NetInc

July 29, 2017, Srinivas was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri helped us in getting our first home and made Home buying a memorable experience. Amar asked us to meet him in the office to find out what our preferences are and from then he has guided us, and very responsive in every step of the process from Pricing to Loan to Escrow to Closing. Amar also saved money in home price and closing cost due to Amar’s tremendous knowledge and negotiation.

Our first time Home buying would have been nerve- wracking and confusing, if Sri would not have helped us answer all the very small doubts that we had. Sri was always there for us and guided us throughout the whole process and gave us examples how we can make proper decisions on important items. She always responded to our phone calls and answered them with lots of patience and made us understand everything and made our first time home buying experience a really pleasant one.

Amar’s knowledge is tremendous in negotiating, with the agent and in writing attractive offer that helped us in getting the house we wanted. we were looking to buy our first home for many years now. We started to loose hope in getting our home. Then we met Amar through one of our friends reference. Amar gave us tremendous confidence, and in less than a month we made an offer and bought our first home.

Amar guided us through every step of the way and made our dream come true. I strongly recommend Amar and Sri as they have tremendous knowledge and good negotiating skills. God Bless Amar and Sri.


Krishma Dutta

Krishma Dutta

Product Owner / Software Engineer

July 20, 2017, Krishma was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri helped us in getting our first home and made home buying a memorable experience. We started our home search this summer and made decision to go with Amar as he had amazing reviews on Zillow and Yelp. As a first-time home buyer, we were little nervous throughout the process. But Amar and his team explained us the whole home buying process very clearly. We are not easy people when it come to questions and clarifications but Amar and his team kept us amazed with their professionalism and dedication. 

On the day of bidding Amar made up a point to be at the seller’s real estate agent's office to make all the negotiations. Amar's team had been instrumental especially getting loan done within 21 days and providing us with best market rate available. 

We have heard stories from our friends about how it takes more than 6 months to get a home in Bay Area. I would say between meeting Amar and find our new home was all done within less than 1 month. I would highly recommend Amar and his team, if it was not for him we wouldn’t have been enjoying our new home. Overall, we are quite happy to work with Amar and Sri and we would definitely refer Amar and his team in future to all our acquaintances.


Santhiraju Dodda

Santhiraju Dodda

Manager at Invecas

July 17, 2017, Santhiraju was a client of Amar

Amar helped us to SELL our HOME for THE RECORD PRICE in our community.

In Summary, I have authorized Amar to accept 1050K offer that is 52K MORE than the LISTED PRICE. However, Amar worked NON-STOP with Agents and negotiated the Offer PRICE to 1120K. The additional 70K was well above our expectations and we didn’t expected that PRICE at all. We are extremely happy with Amar RESULTS - 122K MORE than the LISTED PRICE for the TOWN HOME. 

Amar puts his heart and soul in the process to get TOP DOLLAR for the SELLER. We strongly believe, Amar RESULTS speaks for itself time and again.

Amar’s KEY Strengths to get TOP DOLLAR for HOME:



3. Multiple Offers GENERATION & Sure-fire NEGOTIATIONS

4. Perfect PANNING & Peace of mind EXECUTION

5. Right GUIDANCE & Team of EXPERTS

Santhi Raju Dodda , 
VLSI Engineer


Dilip Rangan

FinTech Evangelist | Strategy | BlockChain | Product Management

July 16, 2017, Dilip was a client of Amar

This is a sincere, heartfelt review of our recent home selling process through Amar & his team.
Amar promosied us BEST DEAL & TOP Dollar - and boy, did he deliver! 

Strategy planning & execution - Getting the house on the market :
Once we decided to sell the house, Amar was "on the job". He again personally walked through the house and developed a plan with clear timelines on what would be the right strategy to attract potential buyers. Because of Amar & his teams' rigorous planning & coordination, the house was ready to be on the market in 15 days! Again, Amar recommended and engaged the best in business to stage the house & have professional pictures taken to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. 

Getting maximum traffic & eyes on the house:
What came next was nothing but the best. During our initial session, Amar had mentioned that he would leverage best-in-class, digital age marketing techniques. At that time, we didn't know what to expect. In addition to listing on MLS, Amar leveraged his IT background to ensure that any & all real estate searches & websites pulled up our house's ad & listing. 

Amar used his extensive network of realtors to market this house and ensured that there was a lot of traffic both online & in person viewing the house. This generated a lot of interest in the house with potential buyers. 

Generating the best offer: IN RECORD TIME
The extensive marketing and the interest generated in the pool of potential buyers helped us get an offer on the house in record time! Within 36 hours of listing the house, Amar was able to solicit an offer from a potential buyer. What needs to be commended here, is Amar's negotiation skills. Gauging that this was a good potential, Amar ensured that he maximized the offer with minimal contingencies. He relentlessly went back and forth with the buyers' agent and drafted an offer that was too good to resist! Amar provided us solid advice & guidance on the different aspects of the offer. He recommended that we take the offer considering it was approx 200K more than the listing price and a complete offer with minimal chances of falling through. All this on a Sunday! 

Managing the contingency period:
The mark of a good service provider lies in the follow through during the process and here is where Amar and his team excels! During the contingency period and before the closing, Amar showcased his professionalism in carefully handling the buyer requests and ensuring that the offer was executed completely. 

Amar and his team continued their excellent work and commitment by following up with every aspect of closing. Such due diligence, commitment to the clients, knowledge of the business, negotiation skills and high quality deliverable ensured that we closed our home within 3 weeks of listing it on the market for the highest per square feet price in Santa Clara till date!


Lakshmana Chari Vaitiyam Gunasekaran

Lakshmana Chari Vaitiyam Gunasekaran

Sr.Integration Engineer

July 11, 2017, Lakshmana Chari was a client of Amar

Our HOME Buying experience was excellent and stress free with Amar, Sri and Team. It is not easy in the current market to get a single family home in Bay Area. I was very skeptical and almost lost hope, and early 2017 I put myself out of market. There came along my new to be home in market, both me and my wife liked the layout and we called Amar and Sri to proceed on it. Amar and team wrote an excellent offer though quoted less than competition, the offer terms were lucrative. All credit goes to “Amar”. 
Amar has strong negotiation skills and persuaded listing agent to accept our offer less than the competition offers. On decision day, Amar called me and congratulated me, “Our offer got accepted”.
Amar has excellent field connections, he introduced me to a lender who offered a competitive rate for 10% down, and the entire process was seamless. Being a new home Buyer, I was little panicking but Amar and team total made it seamless by doing all the heavy weight lifting for me. I was kept appraised on all the process. Amar is very efficient, and he stays top of the core process, and really makes the right move at right time.
I strongly recommend Amar and Team, if you are looking to Buy or Sell HOME.


Kapil Dholakiya(LION)

Kapil Dholakiya(LION)

Staff Design Verification Enginer at Marvell Semiconductor

July 7, 2017, Kapil was a client of Amar

Our Home buying experience was excellent with Amar and Sri Team. Amar and Sri have thorough knowledge about the area. They guided us in making the right decision based on their years of experience in real estate. Amar has very strong negotiation skills that saved us money on the house. In addition, the house has already gained some equity on it before we moving in. Their strong connection in the field, the entire process was seamless. We were informed in every step of the process by his team and constant call with Sri although the process was running in the background.

Amar is fast, reliable and responsible. He is very efficient and stays on top of everything. Answers all questions promptly and provides great professional support. I would recommend him to anyone buying/selling their homes.
Sri stays on the look out for new listings and never stopped searching for us
It was stressful, but Sri was so understanding and more than accommodating. I don't know how we would have got through it without their team efforts! 
I would like to highly recommend them ,whoever is looking to buy/sell home.


Meghashyam Srivatsa

Meghashyam Srivatsa

Senior Solutions Engineer at Riverbed Technology

June 7, 2017, Meghashyam was a client of Amar

Hi Amar and Sri

We have all been through a very busy week. But we are all smiling at the end of it. You may have been through this anxious phase many times before, but you kept the same amount of persistence and energy as you did on the very first day we met you, and you fought hard for us in getting this house. That truly shows that you do care about your clients and you do this for the happiness it brings to your clients. For me and Archana, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to go through something like this and we are glad that we have you on our team. 

Amar and Sri, you have been very humble and honest with us from the start. You encouraged us when we were making the right decisions along the way, and at the same time you did not force us into any particular house. These are very good qualities in a realtor. You treated each offer we put as though it was your own home and put your 100% effort into it. I have seen friends who went through 10-15 offers before getting a house, but with you we got our dream house in just 3. Even though we lost 2 houses before this, we always had a confident feeling going into each of those offers since convincing a seller into accepting an offer is a skill that you excel at, and none of the other buyer agents can even come close to it. 

Your advice, experience and insights into the real estate and how to create a "winning offer" is an art, and we regard it highly. I know we have a long way to go in this transaction, but we have got a great start. 

Some comments and advice from us to other buyers in the market, and why we recommend Amar 100%:

We started looking for houses sometime in January 2017 with our previous realtor. We had put offers on 2 houses and had lost both of them. Although our previous realtor was good, you need somebody who can win you the battle when it matters most. Good houses (houses that matches ALL your criteria) rarely comes to market, but when it does, you CANNOT afford to lose it. Because good houses in neighborhoods like Milpitas and Berryessa get atleast 20 offers! With the interest rate rise just around the corner and the inventory being at all-time low, we did not want our house hunt to take its own due course. Instead, we wanted to shift gears and go with someone who is proven to have won against all-cash-offers! There are not may realtors who can win against all-cash offers or offers with 40-50% downpayment! But Amar is one of those. 

So on April 1st 2017, I communicated with Amar over email since he came highly recommended by our lender. I still remember my first phone call with Amar. We were out on a hike with friends, so I told Amar that I want to reschedule the meeting since we'd be dirty and sweaty from the hike. He said "dont worry about it, this is Bay Area and you are supposed to be hiking" and invited me to his Palo Alto office on a Sunday. We met with him on the same hike-day and had a long and thorough conversation about what we were looking for, what kind of s


Deepika Tetali

Deepika Tetali

Sr. Software Analyst at Oracle

May 23, 2017, Deepika was a client of Amar

We are very happy to know you and to work with you. You were very personable and knowledgeable in answering our questions and helping us to make right decisions in the process of buying our first new home. We appreciate your quick response in setting up the appointments to view the houses, even with a short notice.

We were extremely impressive by your level of commitment; you continued to work with us to meet our needs and answered our questions right up to settlement date. As a first time buyer, it would have been really hard to go through process of buying a house. But with your help it went like a walk in the park.

We thank you for your hard work. And defiantly recommend you to the other buyers.

Sincerely ,


Thaya Rajendram


April 5, 2017, Thaya was a client of Amar

Amar helped us to buy a property in Bay Area which was one of the hottest markets in the world. We provided our requirements, and he had found the best that out in the market with reasonable price and negotiated with the seller to get it secure as quickly as possible.

Amar has a group of people with wide knowledge in real estate area to execute the tasks with perfection and jet speed.

I am very much satisfied with our purchase of our house with very short time and highly recumbent to anyone.


Don Brown

Don Brown

Manager at ProForma Industries, LLC

March 27, 2017, Don was a client of Amar’

Having been in Rotary for the past 34+ years, I know most of the Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Fremont including top agent. However in reviewing Amar Amarnath performance and execution of selling homes in my neighborhood I chose to use Amar as our agent for selling our property. Amar knows the right strategy to extensively market the home to sell at a higher price. I could have gone with some of those I have known for years. However I am not certain they could have accomplished what Amar was able to achieve.

Example: The sale of another Home 3 doors from us that was listed for $859K and sold for $910K by Amar Amarnath. The home in my opinion should have sold for $810K as they had done nothing in upgrades to the property including kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet was from the time it was originally built in 1988 and they had not done any painting or refinishing of the cabinets. I have mentioned to Amar that I would have discounted it by $50,000 as it needed a lot of work.

The entire home selling process from the beginning to the end was perfectly executed by Amar and team flawlessly. Amar personally involves himself and deliver absolutely the best results for his clients. Amar doesn’t not represent both buyer and seller for the same transaction. This clearly shows his level of standards and ethics in Real Estate business. His constant guidance in whole process is priceless. I certainly recommend him for you to work with. Hopefully this is beneficial for you.


Shruthi Kadambi

Shruthi Kadambi

Quality Development Engineer

March 19, 2017, Shruthi was a client of Amar

It was our first home and we ventured into the real estate market with lots of anticipation. But right from the day we met Amar, we were put at ease. He answered all our queries and provided us the right insights. His team are good project managers and provided a clear and concise check list of tasks and who is responsible for carrying them out. This made the home buying process clear for us and made it easy to navigate the process. Their valuable advice helped us find our dream home.

Amar, Sri and his team are simply amazing. They provide constant timely updates, are very proactive and highly diligent. By working with Amar, you can be rest assured that you will be guided through the entire home buying process right from day one until closing. 

Amar’s excellent negotiation skills combined with a hardworking and resourceful team makes them the BEST in Bay Area.


sujata tibrewala

sujata tibrewala

Networking Community Manager/Evangelist

January 25, 2017, sujata was a client of Amar

Amar and his team made all the steps of home buying experience a breeze . This was our first home in US, but he and his team worked with us educating us in the process . Right from pre approval to putting down the offer to closing the escrow and closing after due diligence at home inspection his team guides us through and arranged everything so home buying was a breeze . When we hear about our other friends putting offer at so many homes and not getting , I feel lucky to have found Amar who knew the market so knew what we exactly needed to do to get the offer , no less and no more . He also negotiated with the owners to the Max . We still cannot believe we are proud owners of a home just after a month of seriously being in the market and got the first home we put our offer on.


sachin parkhe

sachin parkhe

Spark Scala Developer at Tata Consultancy Services

January 23, 2017, sachin was a client of Amar

I would say Amar and Sri is a perfect team to get right home at right price.
In the entire home buying process, Amar did guide us each milestone inuring the home buying process and got right people into the game at right time. 
This made our home buying process pretty seamless. Amar has good area of expertise, knowledge and negotiation skills.
Even after closing the deal, Amar managed to get us 5K credit from seller. We are glad to choose Amar and definitely recommend Amar.


Karthik Krishnamoorthy

Karthik Krishnamoorthy

Staff Hardware Engineer at Qualcomm

January 20, 2017, Karthik was a client of Amar

5 years ago I felt buying a house in bay area would be a hard reality for me given the rise in house prices and if we need to buy an affordable house I would need to go all the way of bay area. I was still contemplating buying a house, then one of colleagues asked me to meet Amar and check with him. Me and my wife met Amar at his office and told we were looking for and boom 2 month later I was an owner of a single family home in rising Milpitas area.

Even though this sounds like a fairy tale, I should say it was the hard work and drive of Amar and his team to help pull it through.
Amar and Sri send me list of places for open house to visit and when we liked one the home,we let him know about it. I thought we were already late to put an offer as I didn’t have a pre approval. Amar pulled his strings and introduced me to Stacy for mortgage and within 24 hours and I had a preapproval and the offer was submitted.

I was told the house had around 7 offers most of them more than what I offered to pay. Amar and his team helped to negotiate and got the deal done and now within 2 days my offer was approved. I couldn’t believe they pull it off. Anyway after this is the next set of steps to start the financing for the house. In this process, I wanted to check with other lender for better rate and the bank promised that could provide a better rate than what Stacy provided. I conveyed my decision to Stacy regarding this and went ahead with other lender.

But this is where the real game started, the other lender wanted documents after documents and after a week said they wouldn’t be able to really my case through with their underwriter and they were still trying their best. I talked to Stacy and Amar after that and they understood the situation and pulled this out for me. To be honest throughout the whole process I was not still committal to Stacy whether I would go with her and it was Amar and his team who convinced Stacy to continue with my financial process and glad they did.

Iam not sure if any lender would be ready to do so much work when you are uncommitted and I am glad Stacy really decided help me. I think the reason she was ready to pursue the case was because the trust she had in Amar. Thanks again Amar for this…
They handled all the paper work, went through the house inspection report and answered any questions I asked. I know sometimes I irritated Amar by asking him multiple questions as novice buyer.

I should say this---if you are looking for energetic, aggressive and honest person to help you with your house search I would say talk to Amar…He would understand your needs and get you the right house. I am glad I reached to Amar and thank him and his team on behalf of my wife and myself to buy our first house as a couple.

Thank you Amar…Wish you more success.


Jay Mukherjee

Sr Software Developer at

December 31, 2016, Jay was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri went above and beyond to make our home buying experience an absolute joy. Right from the very onset, they were on top of every activity, They thought about the client's needs and requirements and always treated that as top priority. This gives the much needed peace of mind as a buyer. They were always available at the most minimum notice. Above all, they have the knowledge and experience that makes it a wining combination. I recommend Amar and Sri for anyone looking to buy their next home. We certainly will work with them again…


Manoj Devpura

Manoj Devpura

Sr. Systems Reliability Engineer at Nutanix

December 30, 2016, Manoj was a client of Amar

We hired Amar as our Agent as buyer after referral from our friend. It was great working with Amar and team. Amar is knowledgeable, understanding, honest and extremely thorough. This was our first time buying a home, and Amar’s expertise and advice was invaluable. He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. We were about loose the house because of counter offers and Amar made all his effort and made sure we get this house.

We really appreciate his patience to answer our queries. I am happy to recommend Amar, especially to first-time home buyers in need of some extra hand-holding.


Shyju Kozhukkunnon

Shyju Kozhukkunnon

Data Engineer - Analytics at Apple

December 24, 2016, Shyju was a client of Amar

Amar is a master negotiator. Once he is convinced on a price and submits an offer, he will go at great lengths to get it accepted. He is very persuasive and talks to the point. He has a great team working with him round the clock to take the offer till closure and beyond.


Rajesh Mehta

Rajesh Mehta

Data Analytics Leader

December 19, 2016, Rajesh was a client of Amar

It was a great experience working with Amar while Buying and Selling our Homes. He knows what he is doing and you can trust him for his execution. When he sends you a note with “Don’t worry, I am on top of it”, he really means that. He is great at the execution and you can depend on him to get the best results. He is very knowledgeable in real estate business and sold our home for the best price ever in off season. I would recommend him for any of your real estate needs.


Gajendra Singh

Gajendra Singh

Software Engineer at Google

December 16, 2016, Gajendra was a client of Amar

We are few of those fortunate people who get their first offer accepted and that too at listed price, this wouldn’t have been possible without our Real estate agent Amar who imparted the knowledge to under difference between owning a house cost and rent. Throughout the home buying process both Amar and Sri patiently responded our queries and made us comfortable. Amar and his team was very efficient in closing the deal and providing all the documents required for title company and lender.


Aditya Rane

Aditya Rane

Software Engineer at Apple

December 12, 2016, Aditya was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri helped us get our very first home and boy that was a great experience! They helped us get past the "first time home buying expectations" of everything being new and shiny to actually looking at the potential and real estate value of a house when we were house hunting. Amar was very patient with us and helped us to fully consider all similar options available.
Once we decided to put an offer on this house, Amar and Sri helped us come to a price point which would give us the best chance of acceptance. Amar followed up with the seller agent all along after the offer was submitted. The sellers had some doubts about our financial situation given we had put the best offer possible and had not provided proof of additional funds to cover a situation like a low appraisal. Amar talked the seller’s agent through their doubts and assured them ours was the best and clean offer. Our offer was accepted in the first go! No counter offer, nothing! Amar has quite the negotiation skills!

Well, as the sellers had feared, the appraisal from Bank Of America came in lower by about 40K. Additionally over the same weekend the interest rates on housing loans went up, putting us in a tough spot. If we decided to go with another appraisal with another bank, that would mean getting a higher rate of interest. We did decide to go with Wells Fargo. Our agent was Yogesh Rane, who by the way was amazing as well. He got us an appraisal and loan approval within 4 days! The appraisal came in at 5K above the selling price and we were relieved. Amar used this situation to re-negotiate the price with the sellers, all in the background and brought the selling price down by 20K! Bringing the price down in this hot seller's market in the bay area is a feat only Amar could have pulled off. By the time we closed, we had already made 25K equity on the house!
While the mortgage application was being processed, Amar was in constant communication and kept all the parties in the loop. Amar coordinated the whole process of escrow and closing.

My wife and I had an amazing buying experience. We would love to work with Amar again if we are back in the market in the future.


Prakash Gupta

Prakash Gupta

Software Engineer, Tools & Infra at Google

December 1, 2016, Prakash was a client of Amar

Buying a home in Bay Area is a herculean task given the fact that properties are sold out by the time even you blink your eyes. However our home buying experience with Amar and his team was truly immeasurable.

From day one since the our meeting the service provided was exceptional. He helped us close the deal less than 10K among many potential interests with higher offers with right strategy of meeting personally with Seller’s agent and presenting our offer with fully backed team supporting our credit score and 21 days of closing time.

Amar real estate experience got us seller’s first choice to respond against counter offers and through his exceptional negotiation skills we got refrigerator, dryer-washer, first year home warranty for free costing another 4K :)

Being first time home buyers, we had lots of questions about the market, property and the deal we’re getting. This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means as we saved almost 15K and our property was valued 100K more than the listing price, which got us 100K equity immediately.

He was on top of every activity to make sure that our home buying experience was very smooth. It was overall an amazing experience to have worked with Amar and his team who provided guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Amar to my friends and anyone looking to buy a Home.

Prakash & Sheenam.


Srirama Uppalapati

Srirama Uppalapati

Senior Technical Program Manager@apple

December 1, 2016, Srirama was a client of Amar

Amar / Sri,
It was pleasure working with you, I tried with other realtor before coming to you . We are just at the edge of loosing hope . Just thought of trying with other realtor, by chance we met you. In our first meeting itself you gave us confidence & we believed in you. You just made the deal success with ease in the very first bid. Your strategy & your team’s close follow-up’s, hard work was the key to the successful closure of this deal . We were very happy when you were able to convince seller in coming down the price which saved us 15K. I definitely rate you on 5/5 with no second though. I already referred you to almost every one whom I know who is in market looking for a home. A Big THANK YOU to E=MC2.


Sneha Vedula

Sneha Vedula

Co-Founder @ Tulip Kids Inc.

November 11, 2016, Sneha was a client of Amar

My review for Amar & his team comes a little late but never the less straight from the heart.
Considering our scenario/ our expectations/ our confinement of location /our budget, if it was any other realtor they would have straight refused to provide their service. But Amar & team took the Challenge. And that’s where we started with our journey with the home buying process.
And I can very well say that they emerged Winners and in the deal getting the perfect abode we dreamt of.

The very first meeting which we had with Amar, he came across as very Straight-Forward & Very Knowledgeable. With his expert insight, he gave us a brief idea of the real picture of the present trends and market information. It helped us to gauge and make realistic choices.
So our home search began. A detailed insight of what we wanted in a home was taken into note irrespective of the several constraints we had.  And I liked the fact that we were not imposed by their choices.
We saw few homes pointed out by the team and we liked most of them. But then came the jackpot. When I saw the home listing which literally met all our criteria, I was excited.

Amar when he realized that we were really interested, he reviewed the home in and out, top to bottom, made sure that the home had every-thing taken care of , discussed the future aspects for the property and then asked us to proceed.

It was time to make an offer. And believe me, we got the offer approved even though we were 40k less than the other offer and on top the seller gave 5k towards the closing costs. I have to add that Amar has great negotiation skills which helped us achieving the house we wanted within our budget.

But wait, the deal did not close yet. We had tough time getting through the loan process and believe me if it was not the Loan officer referred by Amar, we would never get the house we dreamt of.
But with Amar’s patience, determination, diligence & right strategy we got the house.

Overall we are very happy & satisfied with our home buying process with Amar & his team. We will be happy in recommending his services to one and all.

Our family had a dream – But it was Amar who truly put his efforts in helping us realize it for us.


Sindhu Tatimatla

Sindhu Tatimatla

*** Analytics@Upwork is hiring! Check my post for links to positions. Talented analysts apply or send me your resume.***

October 17, 2016, Sindhu was a client of Amar

We just bought our second home with Amar and his team and we continue to be amazed by the superlative results Amar and his team produce. We were undecided about buying another home as we were in the 3rd trimester, expecting our second child. As many people in the Bay Area will tell you, it can take months, if not years, to find a home in this market. However, after discussing our situation with Amar, we decided to forge ahead, simply because of our confidence and trust in him. Amar will only recommend options that are in his client’s best interest. He treats every negotiation, every deal, as if it were his own. It is extremely rare to find a person who has so many talents. Not only is he a master negotiator and executioner but he is an extremely good person – honest, reliable and ever-ready to go out of his way to get his clients the maximum value.

For the home that we just purchased in a top school area in Milpitas, Amar and his team did their magic, again. They and-held us through the entire process – from finding the right location to shielding us when our bank faced delays to closing the escrow process seamlessly. Not only did we win the offer when there were competing higher offers with more than $10K differential but our offer on a great home was accepted within 2 weeks of starting our home search. Moreover, the seller paid $5K towards our closing costs. Simply mind-blowing!

A true testimony to Amar’s skills are the way he handled our need to ask for an extension on the escrow closing date due to a delay in our bank’s processing. We really don’t know how Amar managed it, but in just one day we received approval from the seller to extend the escrow closing date, by 2 weeks, without any penalties. Amar was very focussed on making sure we were completely stress-free. He wanted us to move into our new home and get settled in before our baby arrived. He went above and beyond for us, just like a family-member would. In this day and age, when many people are concerned about their own personal gains, it is truly our fortune that we have Amar on our side. We give Amar and his team our highest recommendation and wish that many more people get the fortunate experience of working with him.

I am also including a quick summary of the our first home buying experience with Amar. We had an amazing experience and Amar's strategy and execution was just superlative.

My husband and I started looking for homes with Amar in July 2012, in an extremely competitive market. With low inventory, good homes were going way over the asking price. It was tough find a nice home, with a good school district within a modest budget. It was in this environment, that too in less than two months, that Amar closed on our IDEAL home. He won the property before the offer deadline at $35K below the amount we had authorized him to quote in the offer. In addition, Amar negotiated over $8K towards closing costs from the seller and the lender. Our deal was a HUGE home run!.


Ipsita Kar

Ipsita Kar

October 15, 2016, Ipsita was a client of Amar

My Home Buying Experience in 2016:

The Home Buying experience with Amar is really pleasant for us. This is the second time, we requested Amar to be our Realtor for finding investment Home for us within our budget.

As per Amar’s valuable suggestion, we found one HOME really interesting. However, when we started putting an offer, there were already 4 offers for that Home as it was a hot Home in that area. The highest offer was almost 20K more than our offer. Amar tried his best to negotiate the deal for us. He just spent almost 2 days of his valuable time just regarding our offer to be accepted. He personally involved with our lender in collaborating the whole process. Finally, we are shocked in a pleasant way to hear that our offer was accepted.

Thank you so much Amar and your team for helping us to get our dream HOME. This smooth execution is not possible without your support.

My Home Buying Experience in 2013:

After my Home buying experience with Amar last month, I just can say, Amar is THE BEST Realtor in the Bay area. Amar, as a Realtor always go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service and great value for his clients . In this current market, it is really tough to deal with the seller’s agent as they are getting multiple offers. However, we are able to find our dream home last month because of Amar’s hard work and amazing execution. I would like to share my home buying experience with Amar. Amar provided us the best service anyone ever expect from a Realtor. 

Amar showed us a really nice Home in our preferred zip code.
Once we all on-board and offered our comfortable amount for that house, he immediately started working on it.
Amar almost gave all his valuable time in negotiating the deal with the seller’s agent. In that process, he established a good rapport with the seller agent and understood the seller motivations and situations for selling home.
Amar put together offer package and worked closely with listing agent to WIN the deal before offer deadline without competition and price bidding war. As results, we got very good deal. He is extremely good at analysing the situation, winning the deal with right strategy, and perfect execution.
Amar personally involved in all the areas of our home buying process(Appraisal, Loan, Inspections, Escrow, Insurance, and closing). He has great team of people to make home buying process absolutely stress free.
Amar co-ordinated with the WF lender who did our pre-approval and loan closing providing us a really good interest rate.On the top of everything, Amar helped us to recover $9,857 towards closing.

The entire home buying process starting from the beginning to end went so smooth with peace of mind because of Amar’s hard work, dedication and capability. We are 2nd time Home buyers and lot of real estate knowledge, Amar and team makes a BIG diffidence in journey of Home buying process. Thank you so much Amar for all your contributions in our Home buying process.


Madhavi Katukogula

Madhavi Katukogula

Teradata Consultant at WellsFargo

October 10, 2016, Madhavi was a client of Amar

1. Amar helped us in achieving THE BEST DEAL by Negotiating ALL possible means as a result we got the house for 30K less than the seller wanted price and 10K less than what we planned to place an offer for.

2. Amar is very well aware of the entire process of home buying and hence he was able to execute the entire process perfectly without any hurdle.

3. Amar’s business acumen and RIGHT STRATEGY helped us win the home.

4. Amar PERSONALLY got involved in ALL areas (Escrow process, Loan, and closing)

5. Amar helped us in evaluating, plan and prioritize certain fixes required for the property before we move into the property.

6. He is DILIGENT and have taken care in Co-ordinating with Escrow to ensure closing in-time.

7. As a novice home buyer I took Amar’s help in COLLABORATING with others in making some key decisions.

8. As a first time buyer we are very uncertain in many of the things but Amar has always been there to give use Guidance and in the Entire PROCESS and helped us throughout the Home BUYING PROCESS

9. Amar stood on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.


Hemalatha Marimuthu

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Renesas Electronics

October 6, 2016, Hemalatha was a client of Amar

Amar and his team made our dream of buying house into real. Because of their hard work and team effort we could buy our dream house. Amar got the BEST DEAL in the market. He PERSONALLY involved in ALL areas (Loan, Escrow, and closing). He helped us to select our perfect house for our family needs. We just showed Amar the house we liked and rest of the thinks his team took care .His team stayed on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. The whole process of buying house happened in few weeks peacefully, now we enjoy our stay in our new house.

We really want to thank Amar and his team for making our dream house into real. 


Dharmalingam and family.


Rajan Patil

SSD Firmware Development Engineer at Micron Technology

October 1, 2016, Rajan was a client of Amar

Our HOME Buying experience with Amar and Sri was great! This is our FIRST HOME and needless to say, market in the Bay area is very competitive. With Amar and team, we were confident that we would make the right purchase which would serve our starter HOME needs and also be a good investment in long run.
As the Single Family Houses that we were looking for within our budget were small older houses, having Amar and Sri's vote of confidence and experience really helped us make the right choice. Sri was very helpful in giving her opinion and insight on many houses that we saw which eventually got us a HOME in the neighborhood we wanted. 
We think Amar contacts and relationships with listing agents also helps the Home Buying and offer process. Sri was very prompt in answering our phone calls during both the offers that we made and keeping us in the loop; we think that was great!. In a fast moving market like Bay area, where time is of essence, the long hours that Amar and team put in to ensures that we can close the deal on time.
We would also like to thank you that our contract had few items to be paid by sellers (home warranty, some other fees etc). We were also impressed by Sri and Amar knowledge of Milpitas neighborhoods. 
We appreciate all the help and would highly recommend you to our friends.

- Rajan and Anipra.


Prasad Haridass

Prasad Haridass

Senior Software Engineer at Google

September 24, 2016, Prasad was a client of Amar

Amar was super awesome to work with in helping us closing the dream home we wanted. He was guiding us and very responsive in every step of the process from Pricing to Loan to Escrow to Closing. He was always available when we needed to talk to him either by Phone or by Email. All the process went smooth with the use of high tech and we visited him just once on the planning process. In addition to closing home he also helped on bootstrapping the home after the purchase as well like linking us to the right people to take care of all the things. Highly recommend him and would definitely consider him for our next home too.


Girish Pandit

Girish Pandit

Senior Software Engineer

September 14, 2016, Girish was a client of Amar

Amar and team were extremely helpful in our home buying process. As a first time buyer, we were
stranded in our search for our dream home for quite some time. But Amar and Sri guided us right from
the initial consultation to the final closing.

We contacted Amar & team; they were very helpful in explaining the process and also explain about the market conditions. We were going through some family health issues at the same time, so Amar convinced us to focus our time
on family while he took care of dealing with all the paperwork.

I’m pretty sure without Amar’s and his team proper guidance, I wouldn’t have struck such a great deal on the house.
What I’ll definitely endorse Amar for his awesome negotiation skills, his tactics before we made an offer on the house and
definitely the zeal he showed to get the house well under listing price at a great bargain. Amar’s capability executing the entire home buying process is awesome. Its still hard to believe we have the keys to the house. 

Amar and Sri you are indeed really good at what you do as many of your client testimonials say but now I can too attest to it. We strongly recommend Amar and Sri to anyone who are in need of Real Estate help.


Parikshit Nigam

GPU DV Engineer at Qualcomm

September 8, 2016, Parikshit was a client of Amar

One of my friend referred Amar & Sri to us and I’m so thankful for that. They helped us in getting our new home and we were so fortunate that they were there to guide and help us on every steps.

They helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process. We got our dream house with Amar's & Sri's help. It is great house and our family loves it.

This was all possible because of Amar's and Sri's hardwork. We got the best deal by all possible means. We paid less than the seller’s asking price. They saved us almost $15K through price negotiation and recovery from seller towards closing.

They made sure that the property was good and would become an asset to family. They were involved in all the areas right from preapproval, looking at the houses, arranging for disclosures, making an offer, escrow and closing.

Because of their personal contacts with lending agents, we even got the best rate for mortgage. He made sure that for 1st time home buyers the process is simple and hassle free.

Amar’s and Sri's time management, planning and making the right decision at right time is highly commendable. His knowledge/analysis to find pros and cons for any given house and providing true insight about the house makes them a unique realtor.

Their perfect execution made sure that we got the house we wanted at our price. After the offer was accepted he stayed on top of things to make sure that we didn't have issues till closing. It was their diligence, smart strategy, flawless execution & commitment that got us the house. We thank you for your hard work.

I would highly recommend Sri & Amar for anyone buying/selling home.


Sampath Ramasamy

Camera Software at Apple

August 25, 2016, Sampath was a client of Amar

Amar and team are really helpful in our home buying process right from the initial consultation to the final closing. We saw the house in market and liked it. We contacted Amar & team; they were very helpful in explaining the process and also explain about the market conditions.

They placed our offer and aggressively on top of the status. They worked overnight (we got a call at 12:00midnight!) and made the offer that the seller cannot decline. That is the one aggressive strategy. Also they used some innovative techniques to make the buyer side look genuine and interested. We got our offer accepted. It is 20K less than the highest offer. I believe it is all because of Amar’s strategy.

Amar also provided wonderful support once the offer is accepted. He answered our questions and helped us all the way till closing.

Also, Amar and team helped us to find the mortgage banker that can process our loan faster since we are about to leave to India on vacation. By some magic, the mortgage banker approved the loan in shortest time and we signed the docs just a day before we leave. Amar also talked to the banker on our behalf .

Home buying process was really a stressful experience since we are first time buyers. Amor and team were really helpful in reducing our stress during this process and our thanks to them.


Shweta Deshpande

Shweta Deshpande

Software Engineer at Calculi Inc.

August 24, 2016, Shweta was a client of Amar

We are so thrilled with our new home in San Jose! Thank you so much to both Sri and Amar for all that you did to help us through this process!

Bay area is a tough market for home buyers, especially so for first time home buyers. We needed a realtor who could help us navigate the waters without getting overwhelmed and deal with multiple fronts of price and location, negotiations, state of the house and disclosures, fitting our family’s needs and desires, handling multiple offers in a very competitive environment, that too in a very short closing time.

To get the home we want, there are lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together. Effort, luck, persistence and most of all professional skills to make good on opportunities. Amar and Sri have been many pieces of that puzzle! Throughout our long search for our home, they have been patiently answering all our questions, doubts, helping us understand different aspects of home buying, helping us learn what to look for beyond our home checklist that we started with, thinking about real issues of long term ownership, weighing pros and cons.

Their experience has been very valuable for the critical time of placing an offer, particularly for setting up a strategy. We had to deal with multiple offers situation, on a non­typical offer deadline schedule, and they helped us put a pre­emptive offer and still hit the price range without getting over­extended, which is a common risk for such pre­emptive offer situation.

Sri and Amar’s team has been very professional in the execution. Despite many moving pieces and uncertainties involved, every step was done on time, every small detail was followed up. They have been particularly good at evaluating disclosures, combing with a fine brush, seeking any problems and risks. Their biggest strength we saw in them was negotiating the best deal, attempting multiple approaches, persisting beyond reasonable efforts to make the deal happen. Once the offer was accepted, they were still involved in all the finer details, keeping close tabs on the escrow closure, collaborating with multiple people, the seller’s agent, title company, home warranty and insurance, keeping the end­goal in sight.

At the end of the day, it’s not the ‘cozy worry free home buying experience’, but the real learning experience that we very much appreciate! Thanks again for all the help and assistance, suggestions and guidance. We won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone! To get the home you want in this bay area market, Amar and Sri are the realtors you would want on your side!

We wish Sri and Amar continued success, good health, and happiness!


Radhakrishna N

Radhakrishna N

BI Business Analyst & Architect at Cisco

August 23, 2016, Radhakrishna was a client of Amar

It was a great pleasure working with Amar, Sri and his team, I can't say enough of how great experience it was! Amar was extremely professional, Buying a single family house in the bay area in a rising economy is not easy.

There is ALL CASH offer at $K and willing to go much HIGHER and 10 days CLOSING. But Our offer is 10K less and loan offer with 10% down. It’s one of the most COMPLEX and CHALLENGED offer for Amar. We lost all our hopes on this home, we don't know how Amar work with them, it’s very complex situation, how he convinced them. After 3 to 4 days later, he gave us a congratulation email "your offer got accepted". Still we cannot believe he work out this Home. It’s miracle. Because of Amar we got this home In Bay area. Buying a home in Bay area is our whole family dream. Because of Amar it got fulfilled. Thanks is a SMALL WORD. He spend lot of time on our transaction. we never forget this help. Really Appreciated your time and help.

We really appreciate your help in going extra mile in saving me big $$$$$ in closing costs by negotiating with the lender and the seller agent. His tie-ups and constant checking with mortgage lender helped us keep the loan processing on track with a closing in 30 days!

He was honest to me as to what was going on. Kept me updated on what was happening from beginning to the end of closing. Amar went above and beyond to help us find the right house. We HIGHLY recommend Amar to any buyer/seller. This sale of the property feels like a miracle for our family.


Lokesh Balcha

Lokesh Balcha

Software Development Engineer (DevOps) at Yahoo

August 22, 2016, Lokesh was a client of Amar

First and the foremost, I would like thank Amar from the bottom of my heart for helping us with our Home buying experience. My wife and I moved to the Bay area in California a few years ago. Since then, we have been renting apartments at different places. Quite recently, we realised it would be nice to have a spacious home of our own, that way we can start creating memories. We started to explore for the perfect Realtor who will suit our requirements. Through my wife’s family, we got introduced to Amar. The first time we met Amar, He outlined the House buying process and understood our requirements well. Amar make our dream come true in less than a week. The very next day following the day we met him, we started receiving emails from Sri (Amar’s wife) and Amar regarding the listings in the neighbourhood we had requested for. My wife and I short listed and with the help of Sri, we checked the first home of our interest. Meanwhile, Amar and Sri suggested we get the pre-approval for our loan from the Bank. We did accordingly. With the pre-approval we were all set to look for our perfect home. As this was our very first home visit, we had yen number of questions. Sri and Amar patiently answered all our queries and cleared our doubts.

Amar and Sri gave us lot of valuable suggestions and advised us to proceed with this property and put an offer on the house. Further, Amar also suggested we place an offer for 10k lesser than the listed price. We did accordingly and that was the night of Thursday. Kudos to Amar and Sri’s excellent negotiation skills! They were able to impeccably sense the pulse of the seller and we got our offer accepted on the morning of Saturday with no counter offer. It was a joyous moment for all of us and we couldn’t thank Amar enough. We proceeded with the inspection on the house and it took about a couple of days for that to get done.

Amar promptly sent us the inspection reports and set up a conference call with us to explain us each line mentioned in the report with great detail. I don’t know if other Realtors take so much trouble and go to this extent of sitting down with you and baby you with so much care. Once we discussed the report and the expenses that followed, we came to understand that there were some immediate expenses that needed to be taken care of it. My wife and I were in dilemma if we had enough funds to bear the immediate expenses on the house. He calmly listened to our concerns and believe it or not, the next day we heard the news from Sri that Amar had negotiated with the seller and made them agree to pay for the initial expenses on the house. My wife and I were speechless on hearing this news.

Amar never ceases to amaze us! We thanked him profusely for his absolutely selfless and dedicated effort. We are the proud home owners. Thanks to Amar and his team for walking us through our home buying experience in California and making our dreams come true.


Soum Chakraborty

Product Manager at Rockwell Automation

August 5, 2016, Soum was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri not only work as a team but also associate themselves with a team of highly experienced professionals from every facet of the real estate business providing a completely seamless home buying experience. This gets reflected in their execution resulting in super-fast closing and and zero last-moment surprises / hitches – something both the buyer (us) and the seller acknowledges as the topmost priority. For that, kudos to Amar and his team.

Our first time home buying experience could have been nerve-racking and confusing if it was not for Sri. Her responsiveness and accessibility at every phase of the process was remarkable. She was there to guide us throughout the whole process and always reminded us of the most important items in the checklist and their timelines. She always responded to my phone calls in a timely manner and had the answers I needed. As a buyer, that was invaluable to me.

Both Amar & Sri are knowledgeable & are ready to share their information readily. Starting from narrowing down the location to possible minor and major home renovation ideas – always eager to put their knowledge on the table and let us make the decision-making. They realized our predicament as first-time home buyers and were proactive but also very patient. Amar was on-top of each bid we put and Sri always went over the final offer and contract with me every time. That made me feel comfortable during the whole process and helped me concentrate on the big picture.

I truly believe that the services provided by the buyer and seller agents in today’s world of hectic schedules, complex laws and competitive real estate markets are of tremendous value and importance. Amar and Sri deserves all the accolades for that and more. I highly recommend them for their competence, professionalism, responsiveness and closing skills. For a job well done, full marks to Amar & Sri.


Sumith Narayanan

Software Engineer

August 1, 2016, Sumith was a client of Amar

It was wonderful meeting Amar and Sri and discuss our need for a home on a Friday, the very next day we were heading to few open houses in one of the locations that we desired. Remember, it was the first open house that we visited and we had no clue about the processes, even though we were browsing quietly over few listings in Zillow and Redfin. We liked one of the houses and called up Sri to discuss on how to express our interest to the sellers. Two days later we again visited the same house, this time with Amar and Sri and went through the details of the house once more. We made sure that it will be good for us a family and then the very next day put up an offer. 

Amar and Sri called us late in the night to break the good news. So, to pre-approval to offer acceptance, it was just over 2 weeks altogether. We did not have to run around a submit offers and then get dejected multiple times, as is the case in bay area where there are always multiple offers for good homes. 

Amar Relator has a team of finance, insurance and warranty guys who took us through all the process and we got benefitted because of the team work. If you really want to stress free home buying experience in bay area, Amar is the go to person. Also Amar negotiates rates for you at every process, let it be the bidding Or the closing charges Or better financing. I feel Amar can get you what you want, for the best price, really top-notch !! 

Thank you Amar and Sri. 

Renuka and Sumith.


Prashanthi Ravanavarapu

Prashanthi Ravanavarapu

Merging the lines between profits and purpose

July 31, 2016, Prashanthi was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri were amazing partners in our home buying search. When we first spoke to them, they took the time to understand our priorities. When we expressed interest in a home that wasn't available they helped us find alternatives. However, when the same home came back into the market, their approach really stood out. They were aggressive in helping us arrive at a decision and getting us the home that would work best for us financially as well as for our life. Throughout their partnership, they have been supportive with different kinds of questions we had and helped us with several aspects of thinking through how to make the new house a home for our young family. 

We have been in the market for 3 years and had lost a few bids but Amar and Sri's approach has helped us close on the very first offer through them within month of first contact. The results speak for it. They ensured we got the best price and well below listing price.

Lastly, our home closing was complicated due to issues beyond our controls. Amar managed the situation very well and helped us close despite all complications. Overall it was a great experience and would recommend Amar and Sri to any of our friends and family.


Chandra Sekhar Durisety, Ph.D

Chandra Sekhar Durisety, Ph.D

Vice President Manufacturing & Operations at Tivic Health

July 30, 2016, Chandra Sekhar was a client of Amar

Dear Amar and Sri,

It has been a fantastic experience from the day we met you. I would say the key learning during my home buying experience was trust: Trust in your knowledge, providing proper guidance and keeping the promise. At the end, we are just ecstatic with the results. We have been quite skeptical from our past experiences over 8 months with other Realtors. 

Once we understood Amar's capabilities, and the support from the financial institution, we had tremendous confidence that we will be making our HOME run. We are the proof that we did reach our goal in our 2nd offer within a month. The fact that there was no counter offer, clearly shows the strategy planning and deal negotiation capabilities with Seller’s agent, combined with balancing the expectations of the buyer (my wife and I). 

The biggest surprise was the appraisal. In current time (mid-2016), the bids are usually substantially higher. I was pleasantly surprised to know that my appraisal was considerably higher than my bid, which shows the diligent hard-work and excellent deal negotiation capabilities from Amar and his team. 

I understand the true challenge lies after winning the bid, which is co-ordinating all the players (Loan officer, home warranty, insurance, Escrow officer and buyer of course) and bringing them to sync, for a timely and smooth closure. There are a slew of unknown parameters that could go against the smooth flow, but thinking through the process, proper planning could help make this journey as pleasant as it can be for everyone.

I would say it has been an awesome experience from start to finish. For everyone, please note that this is an extremely team effort.


Dinesh Yaji

Network Virtualization, Data Center & SDN

July 27, 2016, Dinesh was a client of Amar

Amar is best buyers agent I have come across. We has a keen eye to spot houses that have great value. He is an excellent negotiator and treats every transaction as his own and aims for the best outcome for the buyer. For us, his negotiation skills resulted in huge savings in the price of the home and reduced closing costs. With Amar and his team you are assured of being in safe hands and you can expect a wonderful home buying experience.


Rahul Varghese

Rahul Varghese

Senior UX/UI Designer at ServiceNow

July 24, 2016, Rahul was a client of Amar

“Wow! Don’t know how else to put it. Sri & Amar just nailed it. Myself & my wife were getting ready for a 1+ year house hunt process but Sri & Amar nailed it in less that a week - Wow. This is my first home and I knew its going to be difficult from day one as you’re not sure which is the right one for us espcecially with the kind of budget that you’ve. 

Believe me, Sri & Amar are just great with any type of budget. The best part of it is they become part of your family than just realtors. Coz what I’ve heard is most of the realtors just work like realtors but these guys work along with you as if they’re hunting for a house. Seriously not boasting off here coz my intention was to get a condo with whatever budget I’ve, but Sri & Amar wont just let you settle for that.

Like I told you they consider you as their family and think about our furture as well and make sure WE INVEST PROPERLY. They got me a single family home appraised at 750K got us for 685K with the budget I had. They wanted to make sure that I buy a home than just a condo for which the appreciation is much less. That’s when I realized these guys are not like any other realtors out there who are running around to make some extra bucks. I would seriously recommed Sri & Amar to everyone out there.

Here are some of the key highlights which made this a seamless experience for a first time home buyer –

1. THE BEST DEAL by ALL possible means – paid much lesser than the listing price – yup! you read that correctly. I paid much lesser than the listing price as these guys know whats the right price for a particluar home. They wont let you fall into that crazy bidding process.

2. PERFECT EXECUTION of the process


4. PERSONALLY involved in ALL areas ( Escrow process, closing & more)

5. CO-ORDINATION with Escrow to ensure closing

6. COLLABORATION in informed decision making


8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

So in less than a month I’m moving into my dream home tomorrow. I still cant believe this is happening.

Once again thanks a lot Sri & Amar

- Jean, Rahul & Ethan.


Narendra Janga

Narendra Janga

Sr Staff Engineer/Mgr at Qualcomm

July 21, 2016, Narendra was a client of Amar

My family and I would like to thank Mr. Amarnath for being such a wonderful realtor. He managed to do something many of the other realtors could not, he helped us find our dream home. When we first began looking for houses, we were having a very hard time since the housing market was so busy. Most of the realtors just seemed to be interested in selling houses as fast as they could manage but Mr. Amarnath took his time to help us find a house with everything we hoped for. With two daughters, one going to the sixth grade and the other going to the ninth grade, we had to pay attention to the schools as well as the home itself. In the end he saved us up to 6k on closing costs and 10K less than the authorized offer price.

Being the first time buyers with lot of things to understand he never let us feel as first time home buyers. Once we liked the house he worked at mercurial speed to make sure we got the house, at same time he made sure that nothing was overlooked. We are really impressed by his knowledge of sellers mindset. we are also really impressed the way he treated us like one of his family members and the in the whole process he acted as though he is buying the house for his own family members.


Jagadeesh Vaka

SAP BI Lead at Hewlett-Packard

July 17, 2016, Jagadeesh was a client of Amar

Hi Sri & Amar,

I want to thank you for being my realtor and made my first time home buying process as smooth as possible. It was really pleasure working with you, Sri and your amazing team. 

In this competitive bidding war, I still can’t believe that getting offer accepted for the first home we worked together, that too around the list price. It was an amazing and incredible speed and ease with which we were taken through the process. I still remember that it just took 12 hours from the time Sri showed us the house till we write an offer which includes getting pre-qualification letter.

I strongly believe that your aggressive negotiation skills, thorough knowledge and strategy in writing attractive offer helped us to get the house we want. I’m glad and thanks to my friend Krishna V who referred you.

Once again thank you for being one stop shop for us and providing your valuable suggestions and guidance throughout the process. I remember one of your email and phone call you mentioned “Relax… We will guide you THE ENTIRE PROCESS “. At the end I truly feel that we have experienced this and you did what you have mentioned.



Nachiketh Gutti

SMB Marketing

June 15, 2016, Nachiketh was a client of Amar

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Amar and his team in helping us get the house we were looking for. Sri took the time to get away from her activities to show us the houses we wanted to see at the time that was convenient for us. Amar and team had all the knowledge required to keep us in check while going through the buying experience. They made sure that all the properties we shortlisted were in the right neighbourhood with good schools and away from major freeways. They took care of compiling the offer with all the clauses, explaining each and every step. Amar went above and beyond expectation by negotiating with the seller agent over phone at 11pm to make sure we get a good deal. Bottom line Amar and Team helped us from start to finish from Loan Pre-Approval to closing the loan and helped save over 10K on our house.

I was referred to Amar by a few of my friends who brought their house through him. They all had a pleasant experience and so did I and my family. I definitely recommend Amar and his team for your home buying needs.


Vishnu Nukavarapu MCom ICWA CS

Vishnu Nukavarapu MCom ICWA CS

Finance IT Relationship Manager at KLA-Tencor

June 10, 2016, Vishnu Nukavarapu was a client of Amar

Amar was a buying agent for my first sweet and dream home!!!

He is undoubtedly a gem of a person who works on humanitarian grounds as compared to the competing commercial world today. You can stay rest assured in finding the perfect home. He has educated and guided me through out the process starting from exploring a house until deal is closed!!! It was so smooth sailing!!! He also referred the best lender. I and my wife were so happy with the journey we had with Amar from looking for a house until we moved in last week!!! He is also helping and guiding us even after we moved in to a new house. My kids also really enjoying in new house especially in beautiful backyard. You can have 100% faith on Amar and he will help you to the maximum extent. He will think by keeping his feet in our shoes.


Ganesh Bhat

Ganesh Bhat

Technical Program Manager | Engineering Program Manager | Agile Certified

May 31, 2016, Ganesh was a client of Amar

We started working with Amar & Sri from March this year, when we started searching for a place to call HOME. Amar patiently listened to all our needs and answered questions we had in mind. He guided us through all process and has gone above and beyond his call-of-duty duty to accomplish my Home Ownership dream a Realty. Most of the questions I have asked were responded with–in hours by Amar and his team throughout the process.

Once we identified the house we liked it, Amar perfectly EXECUTED. Amar worked round the clock to come up with a very clean and enticing offer strategy which resulted in us winning the bid at lesser than listing price in a multiple bid scenario. Amar brilliantly structured the contract in a way that seller pays 5K towards the closing.

Amar also personally involved in each and every step of the process from loan to escrow closing and was providing valuable tips throughout the process. He provided me with the status every week on the progress we are making towards escrow closing. We were able to close escrow ahead of time with him being on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Amar had a great TEAM in place to help us with documentation, loan, insurance, security. Each one of them is highly capable and thoroughly professional. I am very confident to say that Amar is THE BEST AGENT we could have got for our home search and I am big fan of his end-to-end Execution peacefully.


Anil Komma

Anil Komma

Senior Business Solutions Analyst

May 24, 2016, Anil was a client of Amar

Hi Amar & Sri

Thank you very much for your help through our first home buying process. You helped making our first home buying experience so much pleasant and easy. I have heard many stressful stories form many of my friends during the home buying process and somehow we feel its been relatively very stress free and an easy experience for us and this was possible with your excellent guidance and care during this entire process.

I would gladly refer you to my friends and family and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get our first home.

Thank you,
Anil & Sabitha


Santosh Bheemarajaiah

Santosh Bheemarajaiah

Software Development Manager at Silver Peak

May 7, 2016, Santosh was a client of Amar

Amar did an excellent job in finding our first home. As first time home buyers we were scared and confused. We were dilly dallying for more than 6 months trying to decide if we should buy or not, the location and budget. We called Amar on a Sunday. He was kind enough to come home on the same day. After understanding our situation and talking to us for more than an hour, he was able to easy our anxiety. Talking to him helped us feel confident about buying a house.

I have made 100% return on my investment within 8 months. He has a really good knowledge on where to invest. His negotiation skills are legendary. He was able to get us $18k off on upgrades and site location. Overall we are very happy that we found him as our Realtor. I would love to recommend him to any home buyer out there.


Srikanth Gurram

Srikanth Gurram

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Business Intelligence Engineer at at Salesforce

April 28, 2016, Srikanth was a client of Amar

First of all thanks a ton for helping me to get my desired house. I really liked that way you execute things, professional per-say.
I remember when we first spoke over the phone giving me the tips and tools to find a desired house. I was totally inclined that you are one who can get me the desired house. The very good thing that I liked about you is you help people without expecting anything from them. This is pure and unconditional service.

I wanted to write a story about my home buying experience. Trust me, for me it was a dream-come-true. All my friends and relatives were shocked as within 1 month of my house hunt I got a dream house which I wanted. This happened only because of your Midas-touch.

I have seen realtors placing an offer for the house knowing that there will not get it; this is like shooting arrows in thin air. You were not like that, the way I have seen. It was a perfect project executing giving you 110% hard work. I still remember your email early morning at 5:30 AM enquiring about the hazard insurance, flood coverage and suggesting me the option available. For me this is what is called as pure unconditional service.

The way I see, I think for me you are a magician with lots of confidence and you bring all the team together and execute a plan with sure shot accuracy. I have not seen any realtor working with the loan officer while placing an offer.

Finally I recommend your name to all my friends and family members for your excellent work.


Shivnath Babu

Shivnath Babu

Co-founder/CTO at Unravel Data Systems and Adjunct Professor at Duke University

April 17, 2016, Shivnath was a client of Amar

Amar and his team were simply terrific during the entire home buying process. Starting from our very first meeting with Amar, it was clear to us that Amar would help us like a trusted friend while being extremely professional in dealing with the complex process of buying a house in the crazy Bay Area market.

We made a bid on a house together. Well, Amar has the midas touch, and we are now proud owners of this home! This house was hotly contested for. It received no less than 22 offers. I have every reason to believe that, despite ours not being the highest bid, Amar and his team’s attention to detail swung the deal in our favour. Amar’s involvement did not stop there. Amar and his team (thanks, Sri, Stacey, and Narayan!) helped us all the way through the loan process and many other things until we had the keys in hand. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Having been through the same process in the past, I can say that Amar has put together an amazing team and also established a professional network that is unparalleled. I later found out that Amar is ranked among the top 3 agents in the nation at Keller Williams Realty. Having known him professionally for over two months now, I can see why. 

I have had many discussions with Amar and honestly feel that Amar’s knowledge of the Bay Area market has few equals. It is hard to find someone who is more passionate about his work. If Amar agrees to help you with the home buying process, then you will have a smooth ride for sure.


Peter Howard

Peter Howard

CEO at Realtime Robotics, Inc., enabling faster-than-human motion in unstructured and collaborative workspaces

April 15, 2016, Peter was a client of Amar

Our experience with Amar and his wife, and their colleagues and teammates was stellar. From the first contact, Amar was there for us, and even more importantly, significantly improved the deal we got on the home, on the mortgage, on the insurance, and on the ancillary services following closing.

Some people are born with a sense for negotiation, and Amar is one of them. With his close counseling, we were able to get the home we wanted for $50k less than we were willing to pay, and even more below the bank appraisal range. In addition, he negotiated closing terms that saved us and additional $8k or so in closing costs, and even got the seller to pay for major appliance insurance on top of that..

Amar has formed relationships with key contributors to the home buying process. He is willing and able to make recommendations when you ask for them, but is not pushy about the recommendations he makes. 

Our experience with his recommendation for mortgage lender was eye-poppingly amazing, saving us weeks in the closing process, and a full 3/8th percent better than any other offer on the 30 year rate, at one of the nation's largest banking institutions. Plus, they subsidized closing costs!

His recommendation for insurance agent, representing one of the nation's largest insurance companies, saved us significant cost on the home policy, but also about $800/year on our auto policies. And she has been a pleasure to deal with.

I have had the pleasure to work with truly excellent real estate agents on 15 different purchase and sale experiences, but Amar is the most effective of all, by a significant margin.

Depending upon your cultural background, Amar may come across as a bit "salesy", but don't be put off: he is the real deal. Work with him. You will not regret it.


Anil Giri

Anil Giri

H/W Diagnostics Engineer at Infinera

April 12, 2016, Anil was a client of Amar

When we started our house hunting, we enquired our friends and they recommended Amar as go to person. They had purchased their house recently with Amar’s help and they had only good things to say about him. It made my decision simple.

As a first home buyer we had lots of questions and apprehensions but Amar & Sri helped us at every step guiding and helping us in choosing right homes and bidding for it. They are very professional but at the same time make it a personal experience.

Every house that we bid Amar made very serious and diligent effort and it made differentiation when finally we landed at our dream home. Kudos to them in seeing the deal go through. They made our home buying experience much simpler and smooth. But it didn’t ended just there, they helped us in our loan process and successfully closing the escrow without any hiccups. I will highly recommend their services to my friends.

Thanks Amar & Sri.


Karthikeyan Subramanian

Karthikeyan Subramanian

Programmer analyst at ZL Technologies Inc.

April 6, 2016, Karthikeyan was a client of Amar

Being first time home buyers with very little clue about the 
dynamics of the market and the various steps involved, it was imperative that we work with a knowledgeable real estate professional who could provide an honest and objective view of the market and also guide us in a professional manner through the various stages.We found all this and much more with Amar and his team. Right from day one, he took time to understand what we were looking for and listened patiently to everything we had to say. Once we found a property that we liked, Amar and his
team went into overdrive and put together a comprehensive offer within our specified budget. Since it was a very competitive bid with 30+ offers and we were nowhere near the higher offer prices, we normally would have been hesitant to even make the offer. But Amar's strategy was spelt out so clearly to us that we trusted him completely and his words proved right when our offer was indeed accepted over multiple higher ones.
This happened because of Amar's proactive interaction with sellers as
well as involvement of the rest of Amar's extended team including the lenders. Both Amar and Sri always communicated with us about any updates and kept us in the loop throughout

Not only did Amar recover a significant amount from the seller towards closing but he also proactively negotiated a huge price drop post contract! This was without us even asking him to try it.That was the icing on the cake.

At the end of the day what worked for us was Amar and Sri's relentless drive and energy as they moved the process along with minimal stress to us. If it weren't for that my family would not be relaxing in our new home today.

I'd recommend Amar, Sri and team in a jiffy. Nobody knows the bay area market as well as them. Thank you team!


Ketan Kotak

Ketan Kotak

Conceiving and Realizing a vision for Software Solutions!

April 1, 2016, Ketan was a client of Amar

Amar, Thanks for your professionalism. Here is summary of our buying experience. 

* Amar is very thorough in all aspects of home buying – making offer, to involving lender, insurance agents, provides contact for utility services and even for us reference to Pujaris for Housewarming Pujan.

* Amar’s lenders work very professionally and extremely collaboratively to make the close of escrow so quick beating market norms. This gives upper edge to buyer’s offer.

* Amar prepared offer for our home on very late Sunday night after we came back from visiting an open house. 

* Amar has written unique offer terms with right strategy to WIN our offer at very attractive price before other offer IN.

* Amar adopted negotiation technique that suites our buying situation. His acumen in adapting negotiation skills are commendable.


Tushar Mahale

Tushar Mahale

Staff Engineer at ThoughtSpot

March 30, 2016, Tushar was a client of Amar

Let me start by saying this - there cannot be a better Realtor than Amar. Period.

When we decided to buy our first home, we started looking for a realtor who could guide us in the right direction and help us make our dream a reality. Amar had very good and a lot of positive reviews, so we decided to contact him. And that sure was the best decision we took.

Sri is a gem of a person. She was very proactive and always informed us about any good listings whenever they came up. She’d always try to understand our changing requirements focusing even on finer details, to ensure that she’s able to find the perfect fit for us. We could ask any question to her and she’d always answer all our questions patiently and in detail, no matter how small/silly they seem. Being a first time home buyer, this helped us a lot in narrowing down our exact requirements and take into accounts aspects that we had never thought of. I think this is very critical especially for a first time home buyer.

One of the best qualities of Amar and Sri is they are not pushy. I still remember the discussion I had when I informed them that we wanted to back out of a contract. They were amazingly supportive and never ever tried to convince us to continue with the contract or to reconsider our decision. That is I think one of the most important quality every realtor should have and I am very glad I was working with people who are masters at such things. They patiently understood our concerns. The call was over in a few minutes and we were out of contract smoothly. Even after losing the deal and the time they had spent on the contract, there was not a single ounce of drop in the enthusiasm Amar and Sri showed showing/suggesting next properties. That is how professional they are.

And then there was the home that we had been waiting for all these months. We hadn’t even bothered to go to the open house because it was way above our budget. But one fine evening we got a call from Sri and informed that Amar wanted us to have a look at the house. We got ready in half an hour and were on our way to the house. When we first saw the house, we couldn’t believe we could afford it and were even thinking that this could be a waste of time. But Amar suggested us to make an offer and we decided to give it a try. And it was not in vain. Out of his amazing arsenal of realtor skills, Amar unleashed his all mighty negotiation powers and brokered a deal that I still sometimes have to ask myself if is indeed a reality or not.

We purchased the house at 63K less than the listing price in the hot market of Milpitas with good schools. Amar and Sri were involved in every step of the process, kept all the parties involved on the same page. 

Amar has teamed up with professionals who are BEST in their business and they guided us smoothly throughout the entire process which otherwise could be overwhelming for the first time buyers.


Shine Mohamed

Shine Mohamed

Load balancing team

March 25, 2016, Shine was a client of Amar

Thank you Amar & Sri!!!

I believe you did an amazing job in closing the deal in the constraints we had! We always wanted to live close to San Jose area and looking at the current market conditions, this was the perfect house. Thank you for making it happen!!

Now counting days to get shifted to our new home!!

Wish you all the best!!


Vikhyath Reddy Marapadaga

Engineering @ Amazon Web Services - streaming data, real time processing.

February 24, 2016, Vikhyath Reddy was a client of Amar

It was a great pleasure working with Amar, Sri and his team on our first home and we would like to THANK YOU for all the work you have done. From giving you a call for the first time to getting keys in hand, 60 days flat which includes a 3 week christmas break. We picked a home that we liked after looking at different properties and you got us the keys to the house in less than 30 days (including pre-approval, negotiation ~ 31 competing offers, appraisal, closing etc.). 

We knew we picked the right set of folks to work with on our first call itself. Your follow ups with the seller, their realtor, banks and escrow in a 31 offer scenario is outstanding. You made that happen with flawless execution with first offer. It is very likely other 31 offers were from more experienced buyers, we being in the market for the first time *without an all cash offer* and winning the contract on a $5K less than our upper bound with seller contributing towards closing costs, speaks volumes about the hard work you and your team put in.

Your network of working with banks and other related parties makes the home buying experience much more smoother than one could imagine in the hot bay area real estate market.

We look forward to working with you on many more real estate needs to come.


Pawan Singal

Pawan Singal

Principal Engineer at Dell (Force 10 Networks)

February 22, 2016, Pawan was a client of Amar

One word to describe Amar is amazing. We were a first time homebuyers and contacted Amar via one of web portal at around 8:00pm on Sunday evening. To our surprise he was at our door at 8:45pm that on Sunday evening. This moved us and we decided to go with him. We made a offer in 2nd week of relationship and surprise again, we got it, competing against 19 other offers. There were few hicups with appraisal as we got it lower than the bid value. Amar was on top of all these, for him, minor blocks and made sure the deal is done in 21 days.

Even though we closed our first home around a year back, he is always in touch and makes effort in his capacity to resolve any problem even after year of closing the deal. 

Amar is easy to work with, open for discussion and suggestions. I highly recommend him for home buying help.


Srinivas Mikkilineni

February 3, 2016, Srinivas was a client of Amar

INITIAL MEETING-PRE APPROVAL: I am very excited and happy to share my home buying experience with Amar and his team who saved us $38K and helped us get our home in 23 days from start to finish. We came to know about Amar in a casual conversion at a park from a friend who recently closed his home through Amar. I gave a call to Amar around Noon on a bright sunny Wednesday, he promptly answered the call and obliged to meet the same evening on a short notice. The first meeting lasted for 30 minutes, and I explained him my requirement and he graciously listened my needs. In the first meeting itself I could sense there is something special in this man and got a feeling that I can completely trust Amar. He started work immediately and referred me to Loan Officer (LO) in order to get the Pre-Approval. My financial situation was little tricky and the first LO could not offer me with any loan program. Without wasting time Amar immediately referred me to a second LO and we could secure the pre-approval. 

FINDING HOME: We started receiving the listings from Amar as we knew approximately how much we qualify. On our first weekend looking for home with Amar, I have visited 5 homes and liked one home which is close to my child’s school. The seller agent put the offer deadline as Wednesday which is quite normal and as expected. Amar started putting together the offer right away and started his MAGIC “Negotiations” with the seller agent. Since I had completely TRUSTED Amar I did not even discuss with Amar about the final offer price and to everybody’s surprise he was able to get our offer accepted by TUESDAY night 8:00 PM (one day before the offer deadline) and 30K less than the list price. Like the icing on the cake to top it off he negotiated with seller to pay 8K towards the closing cost, in all Amar could save me 38K.

LOAN PROCESS: Amar’s did not stop there and he started following up with the LO for the next 2 weeks. As I mentioned earlier that Amar has a very capable team, which I was able to experience by the services offered by the LO. The LO is a very nice lady, she went out of way to work two weekends back to back to meet the offer close date of 16 days. 

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I am very much honored and blessed to meet and work with Able, Efficient, Sincere and Hardworking team of Amar & Sri to secure my home. I didn’t even take a single day of time off from work during this process; every step in the buying process was meticulously planned by Amar and his associates. I was getting full attention and prompt responses and his team were guiding and pre-empting me of any challenges at every step. Amar’s believes in “Your Servant with Gratitude” and “Clients for Life” is proved one more time. It was a seamless and stress less process because of Amar’s experience and I got a feeling of “BIG BROTHER” holding and guiding me.


Priya Khisti

Priya Khisti

Frontend Engineer at Castlight Health

January 20, 2016, Priya was a client of Amar

Today we closed on our home in bay area and I have to say that it would have been impossible without Amar and Sri. We literally put an offer on a house in just two weeks and then closed within a month. People take years to find and buy a house in bay area. In our case Amar was able to put an offer on the house even before it came on market and that helped us skip the bidding war. He was also able to get the price down by 15K which is unheard of in bay area. All credit goes to his negation skills and offer strategy. 

Both Amar and Sri understood our needs and budget in just one meeting. They are on top of everything and we never ever had to send any kind of follow-up emails. He also helped us with mortgage lenders and pre-approval process. 

So if anyone want to buy a house in bay area then Amar is the best realtor you can ever get!


John Rhaniel Borromeo

John Rhaniel Borromeo

Lead Network Engineer - Engineering at Salesforce

January 18, 2016, John Rhaniel was a client of Amar

I recently worked with Amar on getting our first home here in the bay area and I would have to say that he along with his wife Sri are very client oriented. He has very good attention to detail and was always available to answer any question that came in to my mind. He also referred us to good vendors which made the buying experience very smooth. I would recommend Amar and his team specially for first time home buyers like me.


Samhita Pidaparti

Samhita Pidaparti

Salesforce Developer/Administrator

December 16, 2015, Samhita was a client of Amar

Amar was our Relator for our new Home purchase and current home sale, and I can say that he did a terrific job at both. He was very instrumental in bringing down the listing price for the new home, and having the seller contribute more towards the closing costs. In regards to our Home sale, I only have two words for him – Perfection Personified. We were a contingent buyer for the new home, and had a tight window to sell our current home. Looking back in time, I do not think that anybody else could have done this better than Amar.

Amar was very prompt and efficient at all phases of the sale – laying out a workable strategy to sell the home, having a 3D photo shoot done for the home, putting up our house in the market, rigorous advertising, and deep dive negotiations on the offers.

Amar paid great attention to all the miniscule details, and that certainly paid off. We got an offer that far exceeded our expectations and calculations. We moved into our new house being content and happy. ALL thanks to Amar for making it possible for us.


Khyati Kapoor, Ph.D

Khyati Kapoor, Ph.D

Scientist II-Protein Chemistry

December 8, 2015, Khyati was a client of Amar

Thanks a lot Amar and Sri for getting us our first home and that too in the Bay Area! We had been in the market for sometime and had worked with quite a few real estate agents but to no avail since we had a limited budget. It was getting frustrating when we were introduced to Amar and his team by a friend. We had given up hope that we would never be able to own a home in such cut-throat market. From the day we were introduced to Amar and his team, it just took us 10 days to get our offer accepted. It was totally unbelievable! It was our first bid in the competitive Mountain View area. Amar and Sri aggressively negotiated it and left no stone unturned to win us this offer and within our affordability. When Sri called us to inform us that we had won the bid, we had to pinch ourselves to actually believe it. All this was possible only because it was Amar who was representing us. We are pretty sure that no other real estate agent could have won us a deal within our constraints. The tremendous effort and confidence with which Amar and Sri drafted out an offer for us and were on top of it all throughout the process from getting it accepted and further until we got the keys, is commendable. Both of them were personally involved in the entire process and that puts Amar and his team in a different league from other real-estate agents. Amar's excellent understanding of the real estate market and his reputation in this industry, all point to the fact that he is an experienced and a thorough professional. We would whole-heartedly recommend Amar and his team as one-stop-shop for anyone's real-estate needs.


Rajasekar Dhanasekaran

Rajasekar Dhanasekaran

New Employee at Google

December 5, 2015, Rajasekar was a client of Amar

Simply put, Amar is amazing. I am a first time homebuyer and contacted Amar via zillow. He got in touchnwith me and explained to me about the pre-requisites for home buying process. He also connected me to a
lender to help me with the pre-approval. I met with Amar after getting my pre-approval and set expectations for the home. After attending a few open houses I came across a home I liked on mlslistings. The open house for the house was over already and offers were starting to come in. Sri and Amar through exceptional effort arranged for a seeing of the home on the same day evening. 

After a brief deliberation with Amar and Sri,I decided to make an offer for this home.

I had heard many horror stories about home buying in Bay Area.
I wasn’t really sure if my offer would go through as there were other competing offers with higher bids.

Amar followed up diligently on the offer over and over again, explaining the merits of my offer over other offers and convinced the sellers to accept the offer. I couldn’t believe it when he said my offer was accepted. It was one of the happiest days of my life. As soon as the offer was accepted, Amar listed out clearly what needs to happen next to complete the home purchase. He also kept all the stakeholders in sync and followed up to avoid any delays. The whole experience was unbelievably easy. Through diligence of Amar and
Team, we were able to complete all requirements even before the escrow closing date. 

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that I am homeowner now because of Amar. 
Thanks Amar! you will be go-to person for even my future home buying needs.


Ram Gupta

Ram Gupta

Senior Staff Engineer Manager at Qualcomm

November 23, 2015, Ram was a client of Amar

Hello Amar,
Thanks a lot for helping us to get out first home! You made our first home buying experience very smooth by spending significant time in background and getting involved in each and every step of process. I appreciate your aggressive negotiation skills, thorough knowledge and effort in preparing attractive offer. I would like to thank you for all the tips after our offer was accepted. It just took 25 days to complete whole process starting from preparing offer to get the keys to my new home.


Sashi Kondareddy

Sashi Kondareddy

Oracle Database Whisperer, E-Business Suite Charmer, Renaissance DBA

November 13, 2015, Sashi was a client of Amar

We were first time home buyers – and very ignorant of the home buying process and all forms of negotiation. When we ‘started’ out to buy a home, we thought it might take a few months to get the home we wanted. And then we met Amar, through a referral. We met him at a coffee house on a Saturday. He set us up with the right people for financing and other logistics. We made an offer which was accepted the next Friday, closed in a little over 2 weeks and picked up the keys. The whole thing took less than 30 pleasant days instead of the 3-6 stressful months we thought it might take. The incredible speed and ease with which Amar and his team guided us through the process is amazing. They provided guidance throughout the entire home buying process: from finding our dream home, making and winning the offer, closing the deal, and post-close move-in guidance. He stayed on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure our home buying process was as smooth as possible. His knowledge of the real estate industry and a keen eye for details is outstanding which was very helpful to us in several phases of our home buying process. And he went way above and beyond what I’d normally expect from an agent. Here are highlights of his outstanding service during various phases of our home buying process:
Home Search: He took our overall preferences and requirements for a home at a short coffee shop meetup and showed our dream house in a few days. His expert knowledge of what to look for in a house was extremely confidence boosting and helped us make an informed decision.

Making/Winning an offer: This was an area where we were ignorant and he is a master. His expert knowledge and clever strategies helped us win the deal in a multiple-offer situation in spite of higher offers from others. (Since we liked the home very much, and we knew there were other offers, I was thinking we needed make an offer at least 10K higher than the asking price; Amar, instead made an offer 10K less than the asking price and leveraged other factors in our favour to win the deal).

Closing the offer: Amar was a lot more than an agent/realtor as we winded down towards the Close. He and his team were constantly and efficiently coordinating with the loan officers, insurance agents and the seller’s agents and was giving us daily status updates with the task in progress and the pending tasks. (And whenever we had a doubt, even during off-hours or weekends, we would shoot off an email, thinking we will get a reply the next weekday morning; Instead we always got replies soon after our requests.)

As I said earlier, he went way above and beyond what I’d normally expect from a real estate agent. In addition to getting our house at 10K less than the asking price, he saved us close to 10K in closing costs by passing on the costs to the seller/lender.


Ashish Chaudhary

Ashish Chaudhary

Associate Vice President at EXILANT Technologies Private Limited

November 10, 2015, Ashish was a client of Amar

We would like to thank Amar, Sri and their team for helping us narrow down and secure our home. The incredible speed and ease with which we were taken through the process is nothing short of amazing. Amar gave us complete guidance of the current housing market situation, the things to check for and the areas and homes we should plan to target. This was an important step in our goal of becoming a home-owner. He also set us up with the right people for financing and other logistics that was extremely helpful. In a nutshell, it was a one-stop solution for us! Amar and Sri were very patient in detailing the pros and cons of the shortlisted houses to us, while giving us the right inputs on what to watch out for. Amar, as you have said, you always strive for a partnership and client for life—you have one with us. In you and Sri we know we have great advisors and trusted friends.


Asheesh Asthana

Asheesh Asthana

Senior Product Manager

November 4, 2015, Asheesh was a client of Amar

We were a "first-home-buyers"– not very aware of the “good value” home areas.
Home Search : Your approach was very meticulous and time efficient. You first wanted to know our choices. This was done by showing few “different” configurations one evening ( 5 different houses). This was the first very important steps to align what we wanted and what to expect within our budgets. I was really impressed by the fact that it was not just a discussion on a phone – but actually visiting house much before the scheduled OpenHouse. Your experience about what to look in a house was also very critical – tells us how passionate you are about homes, well you understand this industry and your keen eye on details.

Within a week we liked a place and called you – from that point on-wards you were on the top of it. You has your own ways to do an independent evaluation of the home that we like.

Putting an offer : This is one area where no one can beat you – you are the best, leaving no stone un-turned. All throughout the process we got a feeling that “You are our man”. You very diligent, calculative and realistic about how to go about making an offer that would secure us the deal. Always kept us informed. Most importantly, as a first time buyers, we were very anxious – but all this time you were very confident that we will get it –You had created a complete offer.

Winning the offer: It was unbelievable to us that we won the offer. You were always confident that we will make it as we had a very nice complete offer. We were able to get the offer, despite the fact there where many better offers.. Facts speak for themselves, if we look at the amount we put in the offer and the Appraiser’s report – we have just paid One Dollar extra.

Closing the offer: Amar, you are not yet another agent – You are a leader of a fantastic Team. Your execution is flawless. You can move things fast, you can make things happen. We were on the edge , but you were the soothing figure – always confident that we will meet all the terms and conditions of the offer. Your Loan Officers, your insurance agents, your back office people – all were phenomenal. They have worked long late hour on weekday and weekdays – that tells how much dedicated this team is to work for their customers. Hats Off to this team –an example I would love to quote at my work place.

Final Move : The final move has been smooth as ever. We got access to the home 24 hours in advance. This was very helpful in our move. You are always accessible if we need any help.

Overall, I would call Amar and his team – Great understanding of the real estate market and industry. Very Intelligent Sale pitch – the seller cannot deny his offer. Awesome execution – a very professional & hardworking team.


Priyanka challa

Priyanka challa

Software Quality Engineer

October 26, 2015, Priyanka was a client of Amar

It is really our pleasure to write a review for Amar, 

As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know a lot of the details, and were a bit nervous about buying a property in this market.He helped us making an informed decision.He provided guidance and collaboration throughout the entire home buying process.Amar and Sri had patiently answered all our questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed. He was involved in all areas: appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. The whole process went very smoothly and now we’re the proud owner of a house in 21 days.This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means.

Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.Wishing you all the success in going future for you and your team.

If you want home in bayarea just contact Amar he will make your dream come true.


Sundar Padmanabhan

Sundar Padmanabhan

Technology Executive | Innovation | Banking | Fintech | Food tech | Emerging Technologies

October 16, 2015, Sundar was a client of Amar

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Amar and his team for partnering with me on a recent property acquisition initiative. When I brought this proposal to Amar, his initial response was “I am ON it “. He truly lived up to this in terms of providing guidance at all aspects whether it is on price negotiations or dealing with lending partners and ensuring progress at all phases. The exemplary partnership he brought into this engagement , underlined by his attitude of not hesitating to go the extra mile was a key component in the successful outcome of this initiative . 
He was truly a trusted partner and I am glad I had Amar and his team on my side.


Sravya TN

Sravya TN

Engineering Manager at Apple Inc

October 15, 2015, Sravya was a client of Amar

Dear Amar and Sri garu,

As young first-time home buyers our home buying experience in a market as crazy as the Bay Area was nothing short of a fantasy tale! I think it was just good fortune to be referred to you by our very good 

friends. We are still in disbelief that you made us land our dream home in the smoothest possible way and in an unbelievable time frame of two weeks.

Your thorough guidance about the areas to choose for a home based on our needs was spot on. We are mind-blown by the negotiating skills of AMAR garu since we had the opportunity to witness the entire negotiation process and the execution of the transaction. Your personal involvement in the Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process and Closing helped us novices gain confidence in the entire buying process. It is by no means a simple feat to be accepted in a hot market bidding with multiple offers. With the right guidance and best deal negotiation you not only made it a cake walk for us but also helped us stick to our price point! You have been more than just a realtor to us. We found a great mentor, advisor and friend always vouching for our best .
We are ever grateful to you and cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve a big milestone in our life! YOU ARE THE BEST.

Thanks and regards,


Ajay Vemuru

Ajay Vemuru

Business strategy & Business Development

October 8, 2015, Ajay was a client of Amar

Amar is an excellent Realtor. We are first time home buyers and Amar and Elly made the process as smooth as possible. This team has immense knowledge of the real estate market and is genuinely interested in finding us a home of our expectations within our budget. We had terrible experience with the previous realtor and Amar & team helped us overcome the bad experience and truly made us comfortable all through the process. Amar was available all the time through out the process and helped as much as possible to keep things moving.

I'm sure his teams' expertise and long term experience help the customers win any deal. Amar sure goes a long way helping his clients. I definitely recommend Amar & team.


Asif Islam

Asif Islam

Software Engineer at Google

September 26, 2015, Asif was a client of Amar

We’re first time home buyer, and Amar & Sri made the whole process very smooth for us. I've heard from my friends that they had to bid many times before wining their dream house. When we first visited the house, we were not very sure whether we’ll be able to get it as it was our first time bidding. To our surprise, we won the bid and not only that, he made the best deal and saved us around 20K from the highest offer. With his proven strategies, negotiation skills, and high reputation, he made it possible to win the deal in less than the higher offer in multiple offers situation. 

As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know a lot of the details, and were a bit nervous about buying a property in this market. He helped us making an informed decision. Amar provided guidance and collaboration throughout the entire home buying process. He was involved in all areas: appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. The whole process went very smoothly and now we’re the proud owner of a house in 3 weeks. 

Amar & Sri, we’re grateful to have you as our Realtors. Without your help, we can't imagine buying the house in this tough market at such a great price.
Gireesh Subramanya

Gireesh Subramanya

Marketing Technology, Strategy and Insights Consultant at eBay Inc

August 16, 2015, Gireesh was a client of Amar

Amar was recommended to us from close family who were thoroughly impressed with his services when they bought their dream home. From day 1 of our home search, Amar and Sri were both very professional. They worked through the clutter of our requests, prioritizing them, and honing in on the few homes that met Criteria. Price, Location, Value were all given importance. Once the home was found, Amar was quick, focused, and importantly got the house for us.

We saved time, money and all the hassle, as he took care of every detail from close to finish. I really liked the way he has an extended team and work with the best in business with services for mortgage, title, house inspection and any help you need. Amar practices "meet and go beyond" the needs of his clients.

1. Over 20k savings
2. Personally involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing)
3. Co-ordination and engagement with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing
4. Amar and his fantastic team stayed on top of every minute detail, made it a enjoyable process, and more importantly staying on TOP of EVERY activity make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

In summary, Amar was our friend more than a Realtor in getting us the house we wanted in this hot market, helping us with informed decision making and guiding us throughout Home BUYING PROCESS.

Thanks Amar, Sri and Team.


Gireesh Subramanya and Nanda Vijaydev
Raj Behera

Raj Behera

Sr. Program Manager - HCM SuccessFactors Suite

August 6, 2015, Raj was a client of Amar

Amar is one of very good Realtor in a sense of the current competitive market in bay area. I start with the word that “I recommend Amar to all my friends, colleagues and also new comers”. Let me write few words about him as what I gained from choosing him as my Agent to buy a home.

Amar has many valued personal traits such as the “Art of Negotiations” and “Flawless Execution”. That impresses me a lot!! The unique quality of negotiations in Amar brings us high level of confidence & integrity in his ability. He is very competent!!

The strength in Amar lies in understanding your requirement in full without neglecting any minor open end questions, Secondly he offers himself throughout the life cycle of home buying exercises such as selection of the right home, selection of the right neighborhood, and selection of other personal criteria such as directions of home and geo central locations.

Amar considers as if he is buying for himself and going to stay in the home, he
is very thorough in his work and puts forward his experiences insight into the
selection procedures. He is always accessible and offers high grade of
professional services, displays a pleasant, cheerful disposition.

Amar possesses the quality of knowing what has to be done, makes practical suggestions, and effectively writes the contract, offering agreement, and openness for sharing views during the home buying process.

Amar has a great network of friends in the Bank, Sellers Agents, Market Analysts, Home improvement service contractors and other affiliated organizations.

We are very impressed with his quality service & execution and I truly trust in his words & deeds.

I encourage all to take the advantage of Amar’s expertise and be a proud Home owner…Good luck!!


Sathish Kumar

Sathish Kumar

Lead Test Engineer at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

July 29, 2015, Satish was a client of Amar

This was our First Home Buying Experience. Initially, We are not sure where/How to start. We came to know about Amar through the Zillow and were looking and reading about his reviews on his website and decided go with Amar (This was our First Realtor too).

Later, We mailed him about for enquiring about a property/pre-approval process. He responded back the next day morning and clearly explained about the home buying process. After getting our pre-approval process done, Amar came to our house for explaining/clarifying our doubts/questions/house requirements we had in mind.

In the process of searching our houses, Amar and Team had helped us on whenever needed day/night to view the property at our own convenience. Once we liked the property, Amar started the signed procedures as promptly and followed up the Seller’s realtor on negotiating the deals and offer. He is very good in following up with the lenders about the Buyer’s Loaning info/other information.

After signing the offer, and our offer got selected inspite of other High Bid Offers. Amars Team Followed up daily with the lender in getting the Loan Approval/status of the loan at every step on time without any delays. He was working with the Escrow Officer in getting documents signed to close the purchase agreement on time.

Overall it was very Excellent experience for us working with Amar and his Team for their Dedication on Home Buying Experience Completlng the Entire Process Smoothly with the Winning Strategy. Our Home Purchase agreement Process was done completed within a month.

Definitely We would recommend Amar’s Team for a Smooth and Dedicated Home Buying experience.


Sanjeev Tanugula

Sanjeev Tanugula

Senior Director of Engineering at SEPHORA

July 24, 2015, Sanjeev was a client of Amar

Buying a home; that quintessential American dream! That dream became a reality for us, thanks to Amar and his perseverance and hustle. As everybody knows/realizes buying a home is a difficult process; buying a home in bay area is even more of a gargantuan task. We started on our journey of finding our dream home a year ago and quickly realized that the term “dream home” is a relative term. Out of the 3 to 4 key drivers that guide your selection process i.e. cost, location, schools and size/type, you do have to compromise on one or more elements to find your home. When we first met Amar garu, being first time home buyers in US, we were all over the place. He helped us wade through those waters and arrive at a combination that led us to shortlist a few good homes.

Once we shortlisted the homes we would like to pursue, what followed was purely his magic or as we say in sport talk, “Hustle” to make it happen. He would simply ask us if we are 100% into placing an offer for a home and if we are in, he would move heaven and earth to make it happen. I don’t know how many couples in bay area can claim this, but our success rate is 100% i.e. we made only offer and got that home. Once we saw the home we loved it. However it was listed at a price beyond my pre-approval limit. Once Amar garu realized that this home checked all our requirements - great location, single family with a nice backyard and decent schools he went about setting us up with different financing options to get me past the pre-approval hurdle. In this hot bay area housing market, he managed to get us the home for almost $100k less than a competing buyer. Throughout the process, Amar was not just our real estate agent but also an advisor, friend and a guide, who had our best interests at heart.

Thanks to his fantastic relationship management skills, the post-offer-acceptance phase was smooth and issue-free.
In Amar, we not only found a great real estate agent, but a good friend and advisor, who works tirelessly to find you the right property, a place that you will call HOME. Thanks Amar garu!!

In summary:

“For a first time home buyer like us, Amar garu was god sent. His great knowledge of the market, combined with his persistence and hard work to find the right fit for you, can be a great help in that exciting roller coaster ride. Most important thing that stands out with Amar garu is if you like a home and ask him to make it happen, he will go work on it tirelessly and doesn’t rest until it is done. Even when faced with obstacles in the loan process he will go find alternatives and line them up quickly so that you do not lose the house that you want to call “HOME”.


Laleeta Gollamudi

Laleeta Gollamudi

Bio Process Engineer, Becton Dickinson

July 7, 2015, Laleeta was a client of Amar

"Just like any couple, home buying process seems like a nightmare in Silicon Valley. Our journey to look for a house started with many apprehensions and qualms. We got introduced to Mr. Amar Amarnath at one of the events in Silicon Andhra. His utmost humility caught our attention and encouraged us to work with him. Within a duration of 3 months he streamlined several issues required for home buying process, enabling us to move progressively. Despite having the challenges of multiple bids, over bids and time pressure, he went out of the way to help us buy our dream house. He personalized this experience by interacting with residents in the neighborhood to get inputs and involving every member of the family to ensure our happiness. Finally, we landed in our dream home, cherishing every moment with our family. 

Our special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Amar and his entire team for making this beautiful dream come true. We would recommend Mr. Amar for his diligence, sincerity and excellent customer service……..making home buying a pleasurable experience."

Shanti & Laleeta


Venkatesh Seetharam

Principal SI/EMI Engineer at Avago Technologies

July 6, 2015, Venkatesh was a client of Amar

We started our home search in March 2013. We worked with 3 different realtors and submitted offers to at least 10 houses with no luck. Disheartened with the market and the incompetence of our realtors we totally gave up home search. In August 2014 when one of our dear friends narrated the story of their home buying we were thrilled to hear that such realtors do actually exist. He recommended Amar strongly and said if we were to buy a house, Amar must be our realtor. Coming from our friend who had a great recent experience with home-buying, we approached Amar in March 2015 when we restarted our home search. We were to realize how true our friend’s words were when we bought our home. We truly believe that we would not have bought our home, if Amar was not our realtor. 
From the very first conversation, we realized that Amar was a different realtor than the ones we had worked with. His knowledge of the market and his approach to home buying was different. There was couple of houses that we were interested in and Amar rightly pointed out that those were not right for us. At that moment, we were certain that we were working with the right realtor. When we wrote the offer for our home, we knew that we would not be the highest bidder. Amar knew that as well but worked his magic to win the home for us. Amar was such a difference maker: he clearly understood the dynamics of the deal and changed it to a scenario where if the sellers were to accept any offer, it would be ours. We still cannot believe that Amar was able to do this in Fremont where multiple offers are the norm for every listed house. Amar’s acumen of what clinches a deal is exceptional and was one of the main reasons that helped us get the home of our dreams. The fact that we got a highly desired home in an extremely competitive market (in Fremont) in spite of not being the highest bidder goes to show Amar’s competence.

Amar’s contribution to our home buying did not stop after the offer was accepted. He worked with the lender and escrow agents and made sure that the escrow closed on time. Amar went over and beyond his role as a realtor and advised us very skillfully all along and helped us make the right decision at each stage. Amar has certainly become our realtor for our lifetime.


Sulabh Jain

Sulabh Jain

Senior Staff Software Engineer at FireEye, Inc.

July 6, 2015, Sulabh was a client of Amar

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and patience in dealing with us as first time home buyers. I could not imagine us owning the house in this kind of market without your guidance and experience. I appreciate your feedback that you provided us from time to time while giving us space at the same time to decide on what we liked during the search process. I thought the ride was over when we got our counter offer accepted but then started a different set of things to deal with, but that didn’t worry us as you were there with us anytime.


Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota

Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota

Senior Software Engineer - Google Cloud

June 29, 2015, Thirumala Reddy was a client of Amar

I feel very lucky to got to know Amar. When I first contacted him on April 18th 2015, I had no clue about buying a house in US and had no confidence that I can buy a house in the next six months. From there, in exactly two months, i.e by June 19th 2015, the Escrow got closed and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful house in this far far foreign land. I still can't believe that all these happened so fast and I was really able to buy a house in exactly two months. Amar played a big role in it and I will always be thankful for him for that.

Here are brief list of items that made all the difference in our home buying experience ...

· With the very first phone call, Amar introduced me to the loan officer Yogesh. The conversation with Yogesh cleared lot of doubts about my affordability, loan eligibility, and gave me the much needed clarity on what I am entering into.

· When I informed Amar that, I liked a house on May 18th morning, I had no confidence that I will be able get it as the house is little over my budget and there are already higher bids with the seller. But, Amar gave me the confidence to go for it, gathered everything together, prepared the offer the same day, submitted it the same night and even got it accepted the very next day. So, approximately, in just over 24 hours, I went from, “I like this house, but I am not sure that I would be able to get it” to “Yes, I got it” and that's marvelous and unheard of before.

· Amar execution speed and negotiation skills are extremely good and I believe those are the ones that makes him one of the most successful and well appreciated realtor.

· Amar was able to win the bid even with 10k less than the highest bid. A very big thanks for him for seeing it through and convincing me to take the right step at the right time.

· As soon as our offer is accepted, he introduced us to his whole team of people who came forward to help us in closing the deal on time.

· Throughout the Escrow time, he was on top of everything and sending me regular updates and assurances that everything is going as per the plan and we closed the deal on on June 19th 2015.

· Even after closing the escrow, he is still calling me regularly and giving all the guidance with taking over the house and moving in. In that I just see a very great friend and well-wisher in him.

In Summery, Thanks to Amar for everything and God bless him with lot of health, wealth and lot more energy to help lot of other people like me in fulfilling their dreams.


Ramu Kurapati

Staff Engineer at Avago Technologies

June 27, 2015, Ramu was a client of Amar

Its been a really good experience to work with Amar and his team as our agent because he kept us in the loop throughout the process and was personally involved in all aspects of home selling including appraisal, loan, escrow process, and closing. The final buyer having used a VA loan, Amar ensured that all things were taken care of right and being there personally for the appraisal process. Not just that but Amar also coordinated and engaged us throughout the entire escrow process to make sure the loan process went smooth. Thanks once again for a great experience and we look forward to working with Amar and his team as our buying agent as well.


Anjan Kumar Ojha

Anjan Kumar Ojha

June 24, 2015, Anjan was a client of Amar

Right from the day, I involved Amar - it has been only the best guidance and assistance which he provided me right from the time I asked him to help me in this journey to buy a home.

He assured me a lot during every stage of buying home, that we will get the best home at the best price for you. It didn’t stop at just negotiating the best deal for me on this home, but also helped at each stage starting from getting the best interest rate and benefits from bank, getting the closing done at the best possible(minimal) time and not to mention to get the keys as well in flat 21 days.

I am very happy with Amar and his team. I would refer him to everyone who is looking to buy a house in bayarea. 

Thanks a lot Amar. You are really the best !

**These are my personal views, & doesn't represent views of the company I work or worked for.


Jasmina Simic

Jasmina Simic

Manager at Il Fornaio

June 18, 2015, Jasmina was a client of Amar

What a pleasure was to work with Amar and his team!
Amar is a superb agent, providing us with excellent service .He is very responsive, timely, and professional.
Quick and efficient, Amar was involved in every stage of this journey. 
We were looking in a very competitive area and the house had a lot of interest, so we weren’t sure whether we would be able to get it.
He helped us close the deal among many potential interests. 
He got us a great price, a good discount from the lender, and brought us, incredibly smooth, to close of escrow in just 2 weeks.
I want to thank the team for all their hard work in helping to locate the perfect house in Los Gatos. With all your help we were able to find the perfect property for us.


Kishor Voderhobli

Kishor Voderhobli

Founder at IEP|ONE

June 13, 2015, Kishor was a client of Amar

Amar is the true processional relator who was my front-line and took care of every tasks with keeping dates in sync, which is very important for every seller. I really like the way he works, first meeting he spent time understanding my needs, then help me making the house ready for virtual tour and photoshoot, started internet marketing weeks before the open house, navigating the crowd from every corner of the city to open house, filtering potential buyers from open house visitors, connecting with potential buyers and providing additional details about the house. He personally attended every appointments from begging to escrow closing. 

Most important part of the home sale is negotiating to get the best price for your house, looking at his results, it clearly shows his strength is negotiation power. Marketing, Execution and Negotiation are Amar's core strengths to take home sale to a next level by going above and beyond. Amar sold our house in 2 days after 1st open house and completed all the papers works in less than 4 weeks, his perfect execution at lighting speed with record price in the neighborhood through extensive on-line marketing is most appreciating.

Amar you took care of every task in the process and made it look like very simple to me. Peace of mind during the process saved me time and focus on my family and other important things, because of you I saved time and money and made my coast-to-coast move very easy...A very big Thank you from me and Family!


Yogendra Srungaram

Yogendra Srungaram

Product Manager Technology and Software

June 1, 2015, Yogendra was a client of Amar

Amar ji helped us find our dream home which met our exact requirements.Our requirements are pretty tough :)
I know Amar ji for a while. I know him personally. He is a good friend. But when it comes to business he is extremely focused, professional and dedicated.He left no stone un-turned to get us the winning deal. Along with his deep technical knowledge about the housing market, the biggest asset he brings to the table are his unconventional skills. He understands our requirements and also the seller's requirements and bridges those gaps between both the parties. Winning and closing houses are a norm for him.Wishing him the best in helping lots of home buyers like us buy their dream homes, Thanks you once again and all the best


Srinivasa Yedluri

Srinivasa Yedluri

Senior Software Engineer at Equinix

May 28, 2015, Srinivasa was a client of Amar

When I think about Amar and experience with him as buyer, this is what struck my mind

-- Great adviser for home buyers.
-- Great price negotiator.
-- Highly focused.
-- Personal involvement in every step in the process.
-- Highly skilled in real-estate transactions.

Being a first time home buyer, I was off at times on my preferences and priorities. Amar was really helpful in explaining the reality and guiding me in the right direction and also suggesting me great mortgage lender.

My transaction was not an easy one, as I have budget constraints and got into market with short preparation, however I have ambition to get good house in good school district. 

End of the day, Amar and his team have helped me fulfilling my ambition working patiently on all the difficulties in the way and saving me around 20K, in this steep market; without Amar and his team it wouldn't have happened.

I really appreciate the help and recommend Amar for any committed Home buyer.


Sudhakara Reddy

BI Architect

May 23, 2015, Sudhakara was a client of Amar

It is really a pleasure indeed to write a review for Amar. In simple words, he will see the entire process of buying home an easy and Pleasant one. The unique thing about Amar is his vast experience in negotiating with the Bank people or with the sellers. Amar’s negotiations skills helped me to get a very great price (50K less than the higher offer) in this hot and multiple offers market, that too in South Bay. Over and above this, he got us a good discount from the lender towards closing cost.

Amar was there to oversee see personally all aspects of the buying a Home whether it is Loan, Escrow or closing. Amar is simply an outstanding agent with a professional, efficient and, caring team. Moreover an excellent person to work with. He patiently answered all my many questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed.

I would strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking for an edge in a competitive housing market.


Sridhar Narasimhan

Sridhar Narasimhan

Senior Manager at Maxim Integrated

May 20, 2015, Sridhar was a client of Amar

I contacted Amar based on the positive reviews that I read online. In a competitive seller¹s market, it is very important to have an efficient realtor who can represent you well & can get the job done.

Amar & team got on the job right away. He has a great team and I got pre-approved at lightning speed. Amar & Sri worked with us and counseled us on our house requirements, the factors to consider and the locations we should consider. With that help we identified our target homes that we wanted to place an offer on.

Amar put together a very good offer package and we got accepted, though we were not the highest offer. Our first offer was accepted at $20K less than the highest offer. We witnessed entire Amar offer presentation with seller and listing agent. We didn¹t even get a chance to make an 2nd offer out to our second target.

Amar was able to negotiate many small components of the house closing that added up to a BIG SUM over $7K. His team was also excellent and the financing portion etc. closed in a record time. His support team is robust to survive any hiccups during the entire process. 

What continues to impress me about Amar is that he stayed engaged in the whole Home buying process and closed the HOME for us in a RECORD TIME. I higly recommend Amar.


Bhuplesh Gupta

Monetization Lead at Peel

May 11, 2015, Bhuplesh was a client of Amar

Dear Amar, Sri,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your hard work you both have put together in getting our first home. Buying a home is not like buying a car, where you go to showroom, select the model, negotiate the rate and drive home. Home buying is much more complicated and laborous, however, you made it so easy that it was like buying a car.

Here are some of the points, I would like to highlight:

In our first converstation over email, you introduced me to loan officer. That itself was a big milestone towards home buying. Your help there was really great.
Sri understood our home requirements. She asked all right questions to find best matches and she did it. All of the properties she shared with us were meeting our expectation.
Within 2 weeks (unbelievable), we were able to find our dream home. I have heard people spent months and months to find the right home.
Once we finalized on the property, you were really fast in preparing an offer, which sellers could not resist with your exceptional negotiation skills. The offer was accepted even before due date.
You helped in getting it closed within 2 weeks smoothly, which is awesome.

Because of both of you, now we are proud owners of a great property.

Thanks again and wishing you best of luck. Keep doing good things and help people find their dream home.

Best Regards,

Bhuplesh & Shilpa


Amit Kotwal

Senior Software Engineer at Google

April 8, 2015, Amit was a client of Amar

Amar is an outstanding agent with a truly professional, efficient and, above all, caring team. 
I think Amar's approach is unique because he brings an entire package and team to the task, including mortgage and insurance. 

Amar was involved in every stage, from negotiating with the seller's agent, working with the lender, to closing the deal. 
He got us a great price, a good discount from the lender, and brought us to close of escrow in just 19 days. 
With our short escrow, we were panicking whenever we had any hiccups in the process. Amar calmly guided us through the process and soothed our panic. He also patiently answered all our many questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed. 

We would definitely recommend Amar to anyone looking to buy a home in the Bay Area.


Amit Joshi

Amit Joshi

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google

February 22, 2015, Amit was a client of Amar

Amar came highly recommended and played a pivotal part in getting us our very first home in the highly competitive Los Altos/Palo Alto/Menlo Park area. What’s unique about Amar is that he puts in so much effort, like he’d do for his own home!

Amar operates a bit differently - first you share requirements, then you do your own research and look at houses. For the ones you like, he does the same independently. After comparing notes if you decide to move forward then the real machinery kicks in.

In this competitive market a number of factors are at work rather than just a number in the offer letter. Amar works behind the scenes paying attention to every detail to figure out what’s important to the seller. Then he works with you, the sellers agent and mortgage brokers to put together an offer as a complete package. Often this package looks competitive with cash offers, guaranteeing peace of mind to seller, and this is the key difference.

Once your offer gets accepted (with Amar, there’s a good chance that it will happen sooner than later) then execution till the finish line is as smooth as it can be. I was dreading the closing process and the paperwork, however, it really turned out to be a breeze. In fact, we not only got a pretty decent interest rate we but also managed to get a discount that covered entire mortgage related closing costs and then some.

I would strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking for an edge in a competitive housing market.


Satya Chalasani

Contractor at Wellsfargo

February 5, 2015, Satya was a client of Amar

Amar is an outstanding Agent. I am a first time homebuyer and he was very patient with answering all my questions. He would always put his client’s priorities on top of his priorities. Amar would travel miles even in difficult weather conditions to show a houses. He has excellent knowledge of building materials and would correctly estimate the costs for any repairs required. Most importantly is very honest in giving his feedback.
Amar has a very good team and they compliment each other so well. You will get a feeling that a strong team is working for you throughout the process. They are so flexible in working around your timings.Once you like any house, they were so meticulous in doing their research and would get to the correct value of the house.
Amar is excellent in gaging the competition and would also magically get to understand the seller’s mindset. He is excellent in putting out a strategy to prepare a winning offer. Amar is very methodical in negotiating and he is your best bet in winning through multiple offers in this competitive market. What makes him special is that he truly feels every transaction as his own and works so hard on it. Finally, I would say that if Amar is in your team, it’s like having the leagues MVP in your team.


Vinod Gomathi nayagam

Vinod Gomathi nayagam

Sr Software Engineer

January 30, 2015, Vinod was a client of Amar

We first met Amar on Sep 11th based on reviews. As first time home buyers we were not clear about the entire home buying process. Amar explained us about all the steps and initiated our pre-approval. No one believed we put our first offer within a month (Oct 10th) of our home search. Amar and his assistant Maria efficiently assisted us on getting through this offer though there were multiple competing offers. He with his excellent contacts expedite all the process which involved loan process, inspection, appraisal, and insurance. We closed escrow and got our dream home key exactly within 2 months (Nov 10th) of meeting Amar. Its all still like a dream....

Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.


Priyadharshini Gowthaman

Priyadharshini Gowthaman

Engineer at Qualcomm

January 27, 2015, Priyadharshini was a client of Amar

Our Home buying experience with Amar and his team was truly immeasurable. From day 1, since the initial meeting the service provided was exceptional. We were looking for homes in a very competitive area. He helped us close the deal among many potential interests with right strategy. Being first time home buyers, we had lots of questions and he was patient and explained everything in detail. This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means. He was personally involved throughout the entire process (loan, escrow and closing).

He was on top of every activity to make sure that our home buying experience was very smooth. It was overall an amazing experience to have worked with Amar and his team who provided guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Amar to my friends and anyone looking to buy a Home.


Balakumar Rajendran

Balakumar Rajendran

Graphics Hardware Engineer at Intel Corporation

January 27, 2015, Balakumar was a client of Amar

Amar truly is an excellent Realtor, but more than that he is an excellent person to work with. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to say that we are happy home owners now.

Being first time home buyers and especially in a market like bay area, we were quite not sure how and where to get started. It is at that point we met Amar. Amar and his team from the beginning have been with us at each and every step. We began searching for houses and we told what we liked and what we didn’t and he was able to clearly understand our needs and show us the houses to our likes.

Once we decided on the house we had to put the offer for it. This is where Amar’s expertise came into the picture. He negotiated so much with the seller agent back and forth in ways that I would have never imagined. His strategy worked brilliantly and win the offer. Amar didn’t just stop there. He went on to talk with the lender during the escrow process and he was able to get us so much credit that really helped us with paying ZERO closing costs. This was a BIG thing and once again without Amar this wouldn’t have been possible. He also talked with the seller agent and managed to get us as much credit as possible. In short, Amar is the BEST REALTOR in Bay area.

I would strongly recommend Amar and his team to anyone who is looking to find their beautiful house. I can guarantee that he and his team will work tirelessly and proactively at each and every step of the process.


Daniel Grier-Roddy

Operations Lead at Google

December 15, 2014, Daniel was a client of Amar

Amar was a superb agent, providing us with tremendous service through his expertise and support in successfully buying our dream home. We were in a hot area and the house had a lot of interest, so we weren’t sure whether we would be able to get it. Amar helped define a winning strategy, then executed against it while still making sure that all of the details were covered. He provided the best possible negotiation, saving on closing costs and including lots of personal property.

His personal investment in our success was obvious, as he went out of his way to connect with the seller and the seller’s agent, communicated with us after hours many times, and supported us throughout the closing process with his time and coordination with his network of experts getting us through the loan approval, closing, and escrow details. His personal touch was a huge relief and made the process as stress-free as possible. We were able to get a tremendous amount of things done quickly and he had perfect execution during the whirlwind of activities.


Purva Jain

Purva Jain

Senior Software Engineer MDM/DW/BI

December 6, 2014, Purva was a client of Amar

We were so lucky to be working with Amar Amarnath.Having worked with other realtors in the past,

Amar not only guided us through our most recent home purchase but also provided helpful insight and 

industry know-how. 

He went above and beyond by accommodating our hectic schedules, responded in a timely manner, and 

overall was highly professional and attentive. 

He is very well-connected and has a very professional team and we had such a pleasant and positive 

overall experience working with Amar. He had many contacts with Insurance officers, Loan Officers who 

have directly worked with him in the past and are very trust worthy. This helped us in saving a lot of time 

in shopping around for good deals.

While placing offers also, being first time home buyers we were very nervous about few terms in the 

offers but Amar explained us every thing in a very calm and composed way. We use to call him for every 

small and silly question in the beginning but he handled us in a very professional manner.

Amar was on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as 

smooth as possible.His follow ups during the close of escrow were so quick and accurate to get things 

done on time.

Amar has very good communication and negotiation skills so it was easy for us to communicate with the 

Sellers and Seller's Agent in a very amicably manner. 

We absolutely plan to work with him again and would recommend him for home buyers!


Thiagu S

Thiagu S

Independent Information Technology and Services Professional

November 19, 2014, Thiagu was a client of Amar

"WOW!!, Amar has incredible capabilities to close the deal. Saved lot of money for us. We saw the house on Sunday Open house and he finished deals in 3 days within our budget on tough competitive market. Even after closing, he got us some appliances which were not part of the disclosures.

We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and understanding our requirements. We feel that the selection of you and your real estate firm helped us buying our new house for the best price in a timely manner and it is a great compliment for us. You were most helpful and treated with the utmost professionalism.

In summation, we are very happy with the service you provided, dedicated to doing a very good job and your efforts are sincerely appreciated."


Ajith Sagarwala, PMP®

Ajith Sagarwala, PMP®

IT and Engineering Manager with expertise solving business problems by delivering high quality technical solutions.

October 22, 2014, Ajith was a client of Amar

As first-time home buyers in the bay area, we were really not sure what to expect about the buying process, but Amar made it easy. Within few weeks of meeting him, we found a property that was perfect for us - a property that already had received multiple offers including cash offers. 

I wasn't sure we had a chance, but Amar told me not to worry. We talked through our strategy and he spent that night working up a winning offer he submitted the next morning. Amar is responsive, professional, caring, smart, and has forged great relationships in the industry. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. 

Amar has incredible knowledge of the local market and has an amazing ability to deal with agents from initial offer to closing. Even if the market was very competitive, he helped us make offers that were in our budget but still competitive.

Our experience with Amar - while professional - was also very personal, we got to learn about Amar, his family and likewise he got to know us. Words CANNOT describe how superb Amar is - as a professional realtor that deliver top-notch world class service!

He was almost always available & took great care in all the paperwork and negotiation and was a great advocate for us. I highly recommend calling Amar if you're looking for someone to help guide you through the process, address your concerns, and help you seal the deal in this very competitive housing market. 

I’d give Amar a Billion stars if it were Possible---I can't imagine buying this house without Amar. We had a beautiful experience buying our first home with him,. If you are trying to find a good agent, look no further !


Avinash Gill

Avinash Gill

Senior Scientific Manager at Genentech

October 9, 2014, Avinash was a client of Amar

Amar helped us with our home purchase in the Bay area. He is well versed with real estate buying/selling skills, and was helpful with sound advice and good strategies on how to move forward with successfully completing our home purchase. His team helped us to close the deal in a short period of time, and he helped out by taking care of many things in the background. Anyone who uses Amar as a real estate agent will be doing themselves a favor.


Sayali Kadam

Sayali Kadam

Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

October 8, 2014, Sayali was a client of Amar

Amar is able, hardworking and dedicated realtor who is ready to go to any extent to help his clients. He helped us buy our new house which had 7 offers including cash offer of $10K more than ours. Amar gave us an opportunity to witness the offer presentation with the home owner. He is very good at presenting the offer and has great negotiation and convincing skills. We were first time home buyers and Amar and his team worked round the clock to close the deal in 21 days. Team Amar helped us through the whole process and made our home buying experience very pleasant.


Prakash Ramadass

Prakash Ramadass

Entrepreneur, Investor, Wireless Geek, Marketer, Strategist, Deal Maker.

October 7, 2014, Prakash was a client of Amar

It is with great pleasure and honor that we write this recommendation for Amar Amaranth, THE Realtor and share our unique buying experience with AMAR extraordinary standard of “Excellency in Service” that truly defines “E=MC2” Service. AMAR is ONE STOP Shop for your real estate needs. Period! I’m NOT a first time home buyer and have had worked with many agents in the past. Trust me and you look no further. Bottom line summary for you- AMAR got us a deal on the first day we MET in Person, AMAR saved us over 75K with fire sure negotiation , MANAGED to close the deal BEFORE open House in a most competitive and highly desired Mission San Jose District. Have you worked with Realtor who stayed up until 1AM for a client needs and work around the clock next day to close the deal?. Sounds unbelievable right? BUT it’s true… 

Let me start with this first- AMAR is truly a “GODSEND” for us. We were emotionally drained out in the first 2 weeks of trying to buy a home in challenging market with aggressive buyers. I reached out Amar in desperate personal situation having only 3 weeks left to buy a home. On My first phone call with Amar, I started with do you accept this challenge? 3 weeks only, Mission San Jose neighbourhood only, Fixed budget range. Can you work with me?. He said Yes and I told him “you don’t have to explain who you are and I have done my homework researching on you – saying that I’ve literally spent over 2 hours reading all your client feedbacks. If there is ANYONE that can do this job, it has to be YOU. And He PROVED it that I was right in mere 5 days. From that first phone call and three days later I personally met Amar first time in person and the next following day he managed to close a deal AND saved US over 75K which is something not everyone can do. 

It is hard to find someone like AMAR who genuinely care about his client needs and protect your interest in every way possible. Amar recommendations were very best in the field, from insurance to inspection, warranty that saved lot of money in the process. His advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. His attention to detail, knowledge of the market and “Relax… We will guide you THE ENTIRE PROCESS “approach was something unique that we have experienced with.

Amar is simply THE BEST. A true commitment for lifetime is what you get from Amar. No Realtor will work and provide an excellent service and continue to support your needs in the way that Amar did because sometimes even via email, phone call just the communication itself, we felt that he was working just for us AND thinking that he is doing this for over such a long time speaks volumes about Amar’s commitment towards his clients. We can't imagine going through this process with anyone but him. I have no doubt in my mind, if you buy or sell property in Bay Area and not using AMAR then you are missing something for sure.


shridhara K

shridhara K

GPS/Embedded/DSP engineer

October 7, 2014, shridhara was a client of Amar

Recently, when we started looking for homes to buy, we found it is necessary to get the help of a good real estate agent. we looked at the profiles of a number of real estate agents in zillow and also consulted recent home buyers. We even contacted some of them and started receiving lists of homes for sale in south bay area. Apart from the listed price, location and some other details which are already available in various web sites, we could not get any real help. That is when we saw Mr. Amarnath's profile. The large number of homes he sold in the past year and good reviews in various web sites impressed us. We immediately contacted him and the positive approach in his conversation confirmed his superior ability. Further, he started highlighting the advantage and drawbacks of the homes previously selected by us. As per his advice, we have to remove some houses from my favorite list. Later, we realized he is absolutely correct as those houses are not finding buyers even today since they had some hidden problems which only an expert Realtor knows. We think this quality of Amarnath makes him stand apart from other Realtor. 
Things started rolling fast when Amar and his team entered our home search. He and his team was always happy and ready to show houses for us. Simultaneously, Amar arranged for loan approval at a low rate of interest. Actually, we got many loan offers but this was the lowest rate. Amar's team worked during weekend and late nights to get a quick loan approval. 
Finally, when decided on our dream home, Amar took no time to visit and make an appraisal of the home and submitted the bid immediately. There was many bidders and some of the bids exceeding ours by as much as 50K. But Amar took no chance and directly talked with the sellers agent and the seller and highlighted superior nature of our offer. Amar convinced them how our offer as whole package better than a mere highest bid. He also brought in his broker into the picture to highlight our case. These are only some of the several strategies used by Amar as a part of his superior execution style which finally enabled us to own our dream home with a lower bid !. 
Winning the bid under multiple offers is not the only area Amar excelled. Afterwords, he guided us on all aspects of the next steps in the process such as escrow and deal closing without any last minute surprises. We realized later that the seller paid many of our fees because of the tactful negotiation by Amar. Meanwhile, his team was able to get us a home insurance at super low premium. We never expected the signing and closing of the escrow will be so smooth and hassle free. 
All this is because of Amar's dynamic leadership and staying on the top of every activity that a home buying process involves.We could have purchased our dream home long ago, if we met Amar earlier. We appreciate his and his teams ability to help others and so wish them success in all his future endeavors.
- Shridhara and Mala


Surendra Chakkirala

Surendra Chakkirala

Senior Staff Engineer at Qualcomm

October 7, 2014, Surendra was a client of Amar

Amar and his team did an excellent job in getting us the home we liked. 
It was a multiple offer situation and Amar negotiated best deal at 5K lower than highest offer.Amar with his contacts and negotiation saved us couple more thousands during closing. 
Amar has a strong team that worked closely and round the clock. This helped winning the property in hot market. Amar was on top of all processes and guided us through the steps very well and kept us well informed all the time.
He co-ordinated with the bank and the title company and ensured loan closing happened seamlessly. 
I would highly recommend Amar and his team to anyone Home buying/selling.


Anurag D

Engineering at Intel Corporation

September 27, 2014, Anurag was a client of Amar

We were new home-buyers and expected to purchase in a few months.

Process had been pretty swift and we were able to close-out the deal close to two months of time.

Amar had been prompt in responding and assisting. The interactive property search website was easy to browse and had better details than other websites in the internet.

Request to view property were timely. e-document signing process during bidding & contracts was organized and had been a BIG time-saver.

It is better that buyer does some home-work and be prompt in making various decisions. In spite of that we did some self-study, there were times we might have been getting off-track. Amar and his team were prompt to keep us on the right track based on their extensive bay-area real-estate experience and prevailing market-demands.

Besides home-buying, escrow signing process, Amar's team also recommends competitive bank loans, home insurance and home-warranty at the right time.If needed, any recommendation could also be provided for the property-repairs.

Overall discussion process has been prompt, clear, direct, friendly and polite. Not only above-state reasons, Amar also offers genuine advice to buyers for building long-term real-estate portfolio. I highly recommend potential buyers to choose Amar's team for real-estate services.


Mukesh Jyothi

Mukesh Jyothi

Principal Software Engineer at Blackhawk Network

September 21, 2014, Mukesh was a client of Amar

It was indeed a great pleasure to work with such a smart and talented realtor that was Amar. Right from the first moment I talked to him I was convinced that I was dealing with someone who was highly confident and knew in and out of the real estate business.

I was a first time homebuyer with absolutely no idea about where to start. Amar guided me through the basics of how to go about buying a home. He wanted to make sure that my expectations were realistic and did not end up making a mistake. Amar introduced me to a lending agent who sat down with me in person to work out my financials. I am very thankful to Amar.

Once the financials were in place and I was ready to look for a home, Amar played a role which was very helpful yet not very invasive. Once the property that I liked, I would inform him and he and his team would then do the groundwork and make sure that the home will satisfy my expectations. Amar then prepares a very strategic plan on putting forth an offer that gave me the highest chances of winning the home. Each step of the way from identifying the home, putting the offer, contract process and the financial aspect, Amar and his team were extremely professional and helpful.

Amar personally was even able to arrange a discount for me with the lender. In several key areas where I needed advice Amar was quick to point me in the right direction. I don't have any hesitation in recommending Amar to anyone who is thinking of buying a home in the bay area. Amar and his dedicated team of professionals will leave no stone unturned until you are settled in the home of your dreams.


yerram swathi

assistant professor at svit

August 6, 2014, yerram was a client of Amar

Amar Amarnath is an excellent agent and has immense knowledge and experience in the real estate. He is one of the top 5 agents of Keller Williams Realty (Over 100,000 agents) which speaks volumes about the service you can expect from him. Amar understands what it takes in getting the client their dream home by working according to clients requirements, tastes and preferences. He is not just a great agent but a good human being with strong ethical values.

Amar has a special knack of presenting the offer in the best possible way and goes an extra mile to get the offer picked up through various methods using his PR skills which I don't think any other agent does. This I say is the most important factor which makes things happen for you even in the Sellers' market. He is very prompt in responding to the calls/emails and is accessible even during the off hours if need be. We personally have talked to him many times after 9 PM as there was a need to discuss some important things before presenting the offer.

Amar does a comprehensive study of the houses in the neighborhood sold in the past 3 months and does a thorough comparisons to evaluate the offer price for the home and thus does 'not overprice the home than it is valuation. He emails you the reports and the comparative study of the homes sold so that we also know prevailing market rates which helps you to decide the actual market value of the home and the price to offer.

My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.Most importantly, the way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever.He was always honest and gave great advice,We got our dream home within a short span of time with the help of AMAR.

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!”

Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service.

Right House+Right Price+Right Time= AMAR.


Ayesha Ahmed

Ayesha Ahmed

User/Customer Experience for Web, Mobile & Product Management

July 23, 2014, Ayesha was a client of Amar

I was introduced to Amar by one of my very good collegue and friend. I was looking to buy but didn’t know anything about the real estate market or how to go about buying a house. After our intial conversations, I met with Amar and he asked me if I can trust him and I said yes. Looking back, I realized that trust is such an important part of this whole process and having the right person that is guiding you thru it is extremely critical. 

Honestly, Amar made the whole homebuying process too easy. He told me through out the process to not worry and to keep faith. I kept asking him if things were ok and he kept saying ‘ Don’t worry.. the house is yours! ‘. He went up and beyond what he said he would do and I’m truly appreciative and grateful for that. The whole team working with him are solid rockstars who really care about Amar and his clients. 

I feel so blessed to have met him and get his help in acquiring the house of my dreams. No one believes that I was able to purchase a house so quickly and with so much ease. THANK YOU AMAR!!!!


Justin Ezell

Director of Public Works

July 11, 2014, Justin was a client of Amar

When I first contacted Amar to sell my home I immediately had confidence in him. Amar did not let me down; he was personally involved with all aspects of the sale of my home, kept me informed during the process and provided me with excellent advice. The most comforting thing about Amar was that he was always available. He kept me feeling assured and stress-free. I would highly recommend Amar as an agent.


Rao Tallapragada

Rao Tallapragada

President, Infoyogi LLC

July 8, 2014, Rao was a client of Amar

"I have dealt with Amar for my home buying. He is very friendly, and helpful in the transaction. He helped in negotiating and getting us the best price. I would be glad to recommend him to others".


Abhay Damle, CPA, CFE

Abhay Damle, CPA, CFE

Director, Technical Accounting at SOAProjects, Inc

July 7, 2014, Abhay was a client of Amar

Being first time home-buyers and bidding on the first house we were completely clueless about the entire process. Amar, personally sat down with us and took the time to explain the whole process in detail. He was always available to answer any questions. By coming up with the right strategy and following it up with perfect execution, Amar helped us get the best possible deal in today’s hot property market. Amar, even co-ordinated with the loan and escrow officers to ensure that the loan closed on time with no last minute surprises. Amar was on top of all the activities during the entire process. Thanks Amar for making our home buying experience a pleasurable one!! I will definitely recommend any of my friends to work with Amar in their home buying process.


Ajay Khandelwal

Ajay Khandelwal

Data Engineering & Analytics at Facebook

June 23, 2014, Ajay was a client of Amar

From the day we chose Amar as our Realtor it was smooth sailing. I have heard so many horror stories about home buying process, and was very concerned about it. The day we decided to choose Amar and started the journey, all those worries were alleviated.
We were a first time Homebuyer and were looking for a house in Fremont for some time and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well-documented offer that seller was not able to overlook. Our offer was selected, even though our offer was not the highest one. He has great knowledge about the market and individual areas. He made sure that we don’t overpay anything than what we need to get the house. He also negotiated with seller’s agent on lots of finer points to get the best deal for us in every aspect.

After the offer was accepted, his experienced closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. He worked with the financial organization to get us some rebate and save us money during the loan and closing process.

Amar has an excellent team (finance, home warranty, insurance etc.). Everyone on his team is a superstar. All of them are so approachable and patient. I am sure, I have asked same questions multiple times (sign of a first time home buyer), and every time Amar and his team has explained it to me in same detail with same enthusiasm. There was never a sign of frustration. Amar himself has those qualities in abundance and the same is true for his team.
Thank you so much Amar for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process and we are extremely happy with your service. I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends, colleagues, and relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.


Krishna Mallina

Krishna Mallina

Senior Technology Leader

June 16, 2014, Krishna was a client of Amar

When I first approached Amar, he came across as conservative on pricing our home. He explained his credentials and clientele to me and was very open and honest about what to expect in the entire process. I was a little skeptic in selecting him as my realtor but, when I checked one of his referrals, they had nothing but positive things to say of him. He personally visited the property and came back with revised pricing based on the condition of the property that is more in line with our expectations!

My concerns were alleviated and I have signed Amar to be my realtor in helping us sell our first home. He personally visited the property, took initiative in working with tough renters and maintained composure throughout the process. He was very professional throughout and his marketing skills are very commendable. He was able to procure interest on the property even before the property got listed to the public.

Amar was able to procure multiple offers and negotiated potential offer to maximum price point which is well above our expectations. My home sold for highest price ever sold in the complex for the record price. We were very happy with Amar’s services and the escrow company he has engaged to help us. Overall, our experience is nothing short of amazing with Amar. He is very meticulous, professional and dedicated at what he does.


Jitendra Malviya

Jitendra Malviya

Staff Test Engineer at LinkedIn

June 10, 2014, Jitendra was a client of Amar

Its truly awesome feeling, "Sitting at home and remembering my home buying experience, I feel lucky to have Amar and his team as my Realtors.
With Amar's expert help and guidance, I got my dream house in 2 week and closed complete home buying process in 15 days. It couldn’t be possible if its not Amar. 

Amar got personally involved in all stages of this process as I am first time home buyer. He and his team explained each and every thing to make me comfortable, happy and be aware.

Right from the beginning of house search, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a Realtor and was always available when I was in need for his guidance/help. Amar had right strategy and perfect execution throughout the process. Amar always on Top of things to make sure smooth transaction.

Thanks much for helping and getting this house for my family. With all your help & guidance I got peace of mind. I am so glad to recommend your work and excellent service to any one.


Moninder Jheeta

Moninder Jheeta

Engineering @ GoDaddy

May 31, 2014, Moninder was a client of Amar

From the day I emailed Amar to the day the county registered me as the owner of record took only 7 weeks! We found a home that I liked in one weekend of open houses, and he made sure that our first (and only) offer got accepted. I was in a somewhat desperate situation given the extreme sellers market in SF and a short relocation time frame and so was willing to overpay to get a house, but Amar wouldn’t hear of it. Even though I authorized him to go way above the list price, he negotiated as if it was his own money he was spending, and made an offer that was substantially lower than what I authorized. There were at least 10 offers on the home, and the sellers agent had made counters to 5 buyers. Because of the competition, I asked him numerous times during the offer process if our offer was really going to be high enough. But he explained his offer-counteroffer strategy to me, it paid off, and we ended up getting the house for 50K under my max price. Just trust Amar, he will not pay a dime extra than he needs to in order to get the home. 

After the offer was accepted, his experienced, well-oiled closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. I just kept sending them whatever documents they wanted, and we were ready to sign the closing documents in 3 weeks.

In addition to all this, Amar is responsive on the phone, email, or text, far beyond the call of duty. If there are any questions you might have, as long as he is awake, he is available to talk.

So for anybody who might have questions about Amar, I can tell you this – he is the real deal, and will be super committed to getting the job done for you. Shoot him an email, and then relax, because you will have just made the best decision of your real estate search. There is virtually a near certainty that shortly, you will be the owner of exactly the home you want.


Jasvinder Singh

Jasvinder Singh

Technical Project Manager and Lead Technical Consultant at Envestnet Yodlee PMP

April 28, 2014, Jasvinder was a client of Amar

In today's crazy market where all houses are going above listing price, it is really tough to get a home of your choice. In such a tough market, it is crucial to have right agent with good contacts. Amar is super-agent. He knows and understands his buyers and their needs very well.

We were first time home buyers and were looking for a house in Fremont for over a year and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well written offer that seller was not able to overlook and our offer was selected without any counter offer, even though our offer was not the highest one. 

Once our offer was accepted, Amar made sure that he was involved in all processes i.e. appraisal, Loan, Escrow process and made sure that we had all necessary documents in place for closing. Amar worked very closely with the loan officers to make sure that the whole loan process is smooth and easy. He even suggested us with various Loan options. He had very professional and efficient team and always stayed on top of all things. More importantly, he was very proactive and responded back to every email and phone message. He worked really hard and was able to recover few thousand from seller and lender towards our closing cost. He was very instrumental in convincing seller to leave refrigerator, washer and dryer (worth 4k) as a departing gift. We really liked his strategy towards the whole process, he never left anything to chance and he always had solution to all our issues.

Amar’s professional and efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for us to buy a house in the Bay Area. I'd definitely recommend Amar's services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.

I hope you will be able to help lot many other first time home buyers in future with your kind and helpful attitude. 

Thanks and Regards,

Jasvinder Singh


Sagar Gunniguntla

Sagar Gunniguntla

Business Development & Strategy. Accelerating startups via Cloud & Data partnerships.

April 22, 2014, Sagar was a client of Amar

Our home buy was only possible due to Amar's diligence, network with banking/realtors/related services & keen market sense!! Cupertino is a competitive realty market & kudos to him in making it happen end to end! - from putting together creative offer package with the right price (not just max $, & less than our max budget), negotiating with the listing agents to understand sellers interests (late night on one instance), to helping with bank loan (you personally helped get us $2K credit), closing, home warranty... etc. Speaking for my wife & I – we love working with you & we know we can approach you anytime… To us, you are a great friend, beyond just a realtor. Our experience with you has been excellent & we would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat!!!


Sayali Mane

Sayali Mane

Senior Software Development Engineer at Aruba Networks

April 7, 2014, Sayali was a client of Amar

When buying a house there are so many things you have to think of…. good community, close to work, good school rating and above all GOOD PRICE!! When we decided to buy a house, we kind of knew our requirements but we wanted an EXPERT who can walk us through the whole process. The moment we met Amar, we realized that he is the one with whom we can discuss it thoroughly. 

We always liked new Home constructions and we ended up buying one. Amar played his role perfectly as our Realtor. 
Amar negotiated so well with builder’s agent and got us very good deal. During his surfire negotiation process, Amar saved us over 30K to the bottom line. Amar has THE BEST TEAM which helped us in easing the Home buying process. 

To Summarize, I would say, it was pleasure to have Amar as our Realtor."


Pallavi MannarMannan

Sr Firmware Engineer at Lumasense Technologies

April 5, 2014, Pallavi was a client of Amar

Amar is one of the best Realtors out there. When we first met Amar, he explained his approach and value. Amar stood by it the entire time. The very next week we saw a place we liked very much and Amar was happy to take it to the next step. The house we put the offer on, received many offers above ours, and also cash offers. Amar negotiated with seller on why we would be the perfect owners for the place, and sold the sellers on our offer. 

Amar has a great team who are very helpful as well in every step of the way, making it smooth process. To be honest, because of their efforts this didn’t feel like a first time home purchase at all. It felt so smooth and efficient till the end. The entire process completed within a month. In todays market, it’s not that easy at all to get a Home in such a short time. Amar and his team made it happen for us. The results speaks for itself.


Nithya Ramanathan

Nithya Ramanathan

Engineer at Google

March 28, 2014, Nithya was a client of Amar

We were looking for a Realtor to help us in our Home buying process. I’m so glad we found Amar on LinkedIn. He and his associates helped and guided us throughout the whole process from house hunting to loan application and closing seemlessly. 

Amar was highly committed, professional and co-ordinated every phase, so we did not have to worry about deadlines. With his great team and strong network, we were able to close on the Home we loved even in a multiple offer situation. Todays Real estate market, the quality of professional service and taking actions pro-actively matters a lot to produce exceptional results. Our Home buying experience was straightforward and highly satisfactory. I would happily recommend Amar to any of my friends looking to buy a Home.


Dani Abel Rayan

Dani Abel Rayan

Hiring engineers for autonomous cars @NIO. Send me a note, if interested.

March 17, 2014, Dani was a client of Amar

Amar is one of THE BEST Realtor we have worked with. His execution is fast and at same time flawless. He correctly executed a strategy and put a winning bid. This was our first ever bid in Bay area and we won it!. The outstanding results itself speaks volumes about his execution and strategy winning the deal in crazy multiple offers situation in Bay area.

Amar’s service goes beyond just winning the bid, he co-ordinated every step and engaged different stakeholders in timely manner to close the deal in the most efficient way. He has a great team of people who goes out of the way to provide exceptional service and guidance. He also managed get us a great savings in closing costs and very good interest rate without PMI.

I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends/colleagues/relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.


Kishore Kumar(Scopus Consulting Group,Inc)

CEO / Entrepreneur - Scopus Consulting Group, Inc

March 4, 2014, Kishore was a client of Amar

We are not sure where to begin to share our experience of home buying made so easy and smooth by Mr. Amar. AMAR is one of THE BEST Realtor we have ever worked with. He guided us like a big brother and a good friend explaining all the aspects of home buying in this hot market in the neighborhood of Cupertino and Sunnyvale. 

Amar saved us enormous amount of dollars (the amount we were willing pay above the listed price) in his collaboration process by going beyond call of duty and $8,000.00 recovery from the lender and seller. With his expert negotiations with seller and building relationship with seller agent, he made it possible for us to purchase the house below the listed price 3 days before the public open house, which we have never thought would be possible in this bidding war with multiple offers. 

Amar personally involved in all areas like Appraisal, Loan, Escrow and closing process and guided us throughout Home buying process. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Right from the beginning of our home buying, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a Realtor and was always available when we needed his guidance answering all our questions and being more practical. He took personal interest and went beyond boundaries to get us loan from the bank. 

Amar made it an extremely flawless experience - THE BEST we have seen in our experience. Amar did a thorough analysis and best strategy to win the offer. 

Two Thumbs up and a big hug to you.
--Kishore Kumar


Manasa Rao Addepalli

Manasa Rao Addepalli


February 12, 2014, Manasa Rao was a client of Amar

Choosing Amar as an Agent was the best decision we made. Selling home made easy , very professional in marketing, incredible assistance in paper work and Escrow process. We never felt pressured into selling the home which is something I have expected a realtor to do. More importantly, however, was the fact that he was incredibly pleasant to work with. He was always honest and gave great advice, very patient with us and NEVER condescending.

Amar is extremely responsive to any and all questions we had, and we can trust that he always has your best interest in mind. We truly felt that Amar prioritized our needs and desires first and that always came above what was best for us. One example is he genuinely helped us even to refinance.

Thanks to Amar for being there with us in the whole process. Amar very flexible, trust worthy and hardworking, and he will always be in your corner supporting. We recommend Amar to everyone who is in process of buying and selling the home.


Karthik Ramadoss

Karthik Ramadoss

Sr Manager, Supply Chain Operations at Cisco

January 23, 2014, Karthik was a client of Amar

Amar is definitely the best realtor I've worked with. He was very personable and has a deep knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market. 

Amar established a very good relationship with the Selling Agent, which I think was the key to us getting the house.

Amar made the whole Home buying process seamless. He exceeded our expectations with his unmatched service and value proposition. I will definitely recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for any Real estate guidance and help.


Lakshmi Srinivasan

Lakshmi Srinivasan

Director, Global Quality and Environmental Management Systems at Netapp

January 9, 2014, Lakshmi was a client of Amar

AMAR is one of the best realtors I have worked with. Right from the beginning, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a realtor and was always available when we needed his guidance/help. This was the third house we were buying and he made it an extremely flawless experience - THE BEST we have seen in our experience. Amar did a thorough analysis and best strategy to win the offer. Amar has the uncanny knack of figuring out the seller’s mind and developing relationship with agents to win the offer.

In our case, Amar helped us get our house without getting into a bidding war by constructing an offer within record time. Amar saved around $29K to our bottom line as his direct contribution. Amar is very responsive and can be reached at almost any time.

Amar made the whole Home buying process seamless. He exceeded our expectations with his unmatched service and VALUE proposition. I will definitely recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for any Real estate guidance and help.


Aravindh Baktha

Director of Architecture at NVIDIA

January 5, 2014, Aravindh was a client of Amar

I was relocating to Bay Area from Oregon and employed the services of Amar to buy a house in the Bay Area. I had about a month time to relocate to the Bay Area and didn't have high expectations of buying a home in this short period of time. 

I worked with Amar remotely to short list homes we were interested in and then visited the Bay Area over a weekend to tour homes. Amar did a great job coordinating the tour and showing us houses in all the neighborhoods of interest. Amar sought to understand our needs and made sure we only saw houses that met our constraints. He gave us his assessment of the homes we saw but never pressured us in to making an offer. When we were ready to make an offer he made sure we truly satisfied before he wrote up the offer. During this process Amar was more like a friend to us than a real estate agent.

Amar has a unconventional yet effective negotiating style. He his determined to get his client the best deal in all aspects on the home buying transaction. From negotiating the purchase price to getting the best deal in lending and closing costs and in working with the seller to complete issues identified during inspection, Amar's commitment was unquestionable. Amar was engaged is all aspects of the buying process and ensured and that everything went smoothly through closing and beyond. Amar would follow up well after we'd moved in to our house to make sure things were going well. Again, Amar was more like a friend than a real estate agent.

Amar efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for me to buy a house in the Bay Area in less than a month. This was way beyond my expectation. I'd strongly recommend Amar's services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.